Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Guys!

As it's been discussed here many-a-time before, I say, "you guys" a lot. I basically write the way I talk so it comes out all time time on this here blog. And so I've come to realize that you can use "you guys" in a myriad of ways to mean a lot of different things. Here I'll discuss the different uses for "you guys" and perhaps we can all bring this cute phrase into our permanent vernacular.

You guuuys!

(You shouldn’t have!)

You guys.


You guys?

(Are you there?)

You guys!

(I have great news!)

You guys?

(I can’t believe it’s you guys.)

You… guys?

(Are you guys or girls?)


(I’m really excited!)


(Stop tickling me!)

You guuuuuuys

(I don’t waaaaanna.)

You guys?

(Who ate my food?)

You guys.

(You’re pissing me off.)

you guys...

(I think someone broke into our house...)

(This post seriously took me forevsies to do because blogger suuuucks when uploading pictures. And yes, I drew all those amazing pictures on post its and scanned them into my computer. I have no liiii-iiife!!)

Ok, I wanna hear some more ways to say it!

Also, if you want to see really good comic stuff you should look at this. :)

Have a great night, you guys!




Kirk said...

I really liked this post, Glennis.

Glennis said...

Thanks, Kirky!