Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Things

Here are two things that happened recently that you NTK (Need To Know) about me.

First - I finally took my laundry in the other day. It was 30 POUNDS. That's a lot of dirty ditties, y'all! So I'm lugging it down the street by hand because A) I like the challenge and B) I didn't have time to take my cart back home after dropping it off. So I'm LUGGING it down the street and this dude sitting in a rape van says to me, "hey baby, that's a heavy bag." I, of course, ignore him and start to cross the street. He then says something else - which I didn't hear, but assumed was in the same vein (douche) - so I turn around, give him my Claire Stare* and said, "SERIOUSLY!?" and whipped around to continue my trek to the laundry. It was hot as balls, I was carrying 30 lbs of laundry and I just find cat calling lame. So I drop off my laundry and as I'm walking back he's still sitting there and he says to me... wait for it...

"I didn't mean to offend you."

BOOM! Claire Stare in action!!

Second - and this is gross so if you don't like gross stuff STOP READING NOW.

So, I'm eating lunch with my dad. We're not at a fancy place, just a diner, but still - we're in public. So I'm sitting there and my ear is itching. The inside. And I know it's gross to scratch your inner ear in front of people, but dudes - it's driving me nuts. So I give in and use my talons to dig around a bit in my right ear and when I pulled my nail out there was THE GROSSEST PIECE OF WAX EVER on it. I swear it had a face. AND HAIR. I'm not even kidding. And dudes, I clean my ears out a lot. Almost obsessively. Probably too much. So I'm not kidding when I tell you that this piece came from the depths of Glennis. Probably my brain. In fact - it might have been my conjoined twin! I was SO grossed out! And of course I couldn't stop looking at it and playing with it. Am I totally turning you off from me, guys? I'm sorry, but it was awesome and I need to share awesome things with you.

OK I think that's it. I'm in Boston recording voice overs for Carnival Cruise Lines - pretty soon when you call 1800-CARNIVALCRUISE (or something) you can hear MY VOICE! Yeah boyeeeee.

Check ya later, stinkbutts!



*The "Claire Stare" (TM GLENNIS MCMURRAY 2008) got its roots from the fabulous Claire Huxtable. You can use the Claire Stare to tame drunken girls, douchie guys and sometimes rabid dogs. It's very powerful. CLAIRE STARE!

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Few Recommendations

I'm headed to VT this weekend for some family time with the McCliments, but before I go I have a few recommendations for you.

First - my hair. You can't see it right now, but it looks fabulous. Well it doesn't look fabulous right now because I just woke up, but trust me it normally looks AWESOME. My friend Andrea is no joke, hands down the best hairstylist I've encountered in NY. I've been in NY for 11 years and grew up with a hairdresser for a mother... trust me. I also love to look good. So sit on it. And then call Andrea. She works out of her adorable home and is very reasonably priced.

HAIR by Andrea Palumbos

andrea . palumbos @ gmail . com

Next, my amazing friend Adira is going to be so huge you guys. Check out her new music video for her song "Fingerblast". She's on tour right now, but when she's back you should see her show. You will leave with stars shooting out your back side. She's that fun.

Next - do you like websites? I have one. I just updated it. Check it out!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some major relaxing to do in VT. And by relaxing I mean drinking my face off at my cousin's pub.

x's and o's