Tuesday, April 25, 2006



I think Roger Clark commented on my blog.

Check it:

"Hey Glennis...

I love your blog...not just because you watch ny1...

Thanks for the positive feedback though...it's always nice...

Talk to you soon


DUDE COME ON. That is so cool! It was posted by Anonymous so really it could have been anyone, but there's no way to tell, and like I said, I don't WANT TO KNOW. SO RAD. And Lynn and I both agree there's no harm in believing it's him! Roger you rock!

I Just Wanna Rock!

You guys, oh my Gooooodness, you guys.

Ok so yesterday my lovely friend Eliza sends me a text message saying, "Ellen is looking for a new DJ! You would be so perfect!!"

Me not being one to argue with people who are RIGHT... I agreed! So I went to her website and all they are looking for is a video saying why you'd be a great DJ, a CD of songs you'd play and a form that you have to fill out. Easy Peezy, busted kneezy!

So I sat long and hard and though, "what would my video be??" My first thought was to have it just be me talking on camera saying how much I love music and showing me going to Dance Dance Party Party & Welcome Back Trotters*. But then I thought, "No. This is ELLEN we're talking about. We've got to impress her!!" So I talked to Liz and we threw around some ideas about me being a "dance therapist" to all my friends. And I loved that idea! And then... it hit me. What is the one thing I, Glennis McMurray, have always really really really wanted to happen.


So I'm going to start the video with me looking at the camera. I'll be glammed up a little bit ("sparkle sprite" as Robyn calls it) and I'll say to the camera: "Ellen, I love music so much that this is what happens to me every day on my way to work." Then I'll put on my headphones, push play on my ipod and Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" starts to play. I start walking down the street and, hey what's that? A few more people! They join me. They might be on their way to work or to the gym, but they stop and join me in my fancy walking. Then... hey! A few more people join! And a few more! And then a LOT MORE! And then, when all the people are walking with me we stop, turn around to the camera and start to do a choreographed dance to the song. (Lifesaver and dancer extraordinaire Robyn is going to choreograph the dance for me!) Then, as the song ends, everyone stops dancing and starts to walk away as if nothing happened. I do too, but I give a little wink to the camera before I go.


Tell me that's not awesome!!!

I was thinking of reproducing that commercial she does where she wakes up dancing to the radio, then in the park running, then at work to someone's cell phone. But I think this is more "me."

OH! And they've only gotten one video in so far and it's this girl. (click here) Pretending to have a British accent and dancing in front of your turntable?? PLEEEEEEASE. Is this the amateur hour??!? (I am avoiding thinking about the fact that other people have actually DJ'd before. I've taken classes but I'm nowhere near qualified!!! Shhhh!)

I'll keep you posted on my quest to be:



Glennis "DJ SASSY MOLLASSY" McMurray

*Welcome Back Trotters is my new running group (who got our awesome name from Liz Black). We wear the same running outfit and run through NY and we sync up our ipods with the same playlist. It's pretty awesome. Email me if you want to join up! We're also doing the Revlon Run/Walk for Women on May 6th. Come one, come all! Ladies AND Gents welcome :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Desperately Seeking Shoe-zan

Everyone listen up because this is SUPER DUPER MAJOR TOM IMPORTANT.

I must own these shoes.

They only make them for men (hello?!? Is this 1950?!?) and they don't have size 5.5 men which is what I need. They have size 6 men but I'm afraid they'll be too big on me cuz I'm generally a 7, 7 1/2.

If you are out shopping for shoes and you see these shoes call me immediatelly.

Thank you!!



Friday, April 21, 2006

Tears on My Pillow

Good god, Oprah. What are you trying to do to me! I turn you on this morning (because, yes, I tape your show daily), thinking I'm gonna watch some husband confess his dirty little secret to his wife. But oh no! First you show me a story of a little girl who went out to walk her dog and then got hit by a car and died. Sad, right. But then her parents come on Oprah and tell her that Hallie (the little girl) had a really giving heart and she had been saving her lunch money for over a year to donate to kids affected by AIDS. So the tears start to fall. I mean, come on you guys! A dead little girl! Saved $$! AIDS! Come on!

The parents of Hallie also give Oprah a check of their own money for $10,000 to go in the Angel Network. Oprah is in tears. She says she's going to Africa and is going to personally make sure the $ is put to good use. She goes to Africa, finds a shelter for girls who have been abused and raped and she Totally renovates it. I mean it went from a shack with leaking pipes and busted matresses to the cutest, nicest place you could imagine. So my tears have stopped and I'm like, "good cuz my trainer is coming in 45 minutes and I ain't doing no soggy workout."

Then she shows the new rooms to the girls in Africa. And it's so amazing how happy and thankful they are and they're all screaming and crying and I am sitting in my bed at 9:15 am SOBBING.

Jeez Louise, Oprah. Give a girl some warning, huh?

Imagine being those girls, feeling like the most unwanted souls on earth and this woman comes to give you a beautiful home and tells you you're beautiful and that you're worth everything there and that she, too, was raped many times as a girl and is now one of the most influential women in America.

Ok I have to stop. I think I'm getting sappy.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You get a Time Out too!

Oh man, we are so naughty we keep getting time outs!


BOOYA! Hooolllaaaa!

But seriously you guys, the baby of me and Marcy Girt has been recognized for it's super coolness. And we couldn't be prouder mommies. It's like we're lezzielovers and we had Bruce Springstein plant his seed in our bellies.

Time Out NY loves Dance Dance Party Party

I'm not sure how this will change things but I do know that it's going to be great. The reason we wanted to do this started because we love dancing and music and hated clubs. But I think it's grown into something more. I hate to get cheesy but I'm gonna so get some crackers (omg, does my hilarity never end!?). I feel like DDPP is a place where ladies can be totally comfortable being COMPLETE dorks without feeling like someone is going to laugh at them or do that shitty eye-roll so many of us girls do. It's a place where we can look at ourselves in the mirror and move a little and realize, "hey, I look pretty good! oh, I like that move. I am a sexy beast!!" It's greatness. I can't say enough.

So let's do this. If you wanna come just go to our website and the details are there. And if you have already been and you love it, why not come leave a comment in our guestbook?

Have a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Glennis' Anatomy - Episode #1

Glennis' Anatomy
Episode One
Happy Birthday?

Exterior, Office Building, poppy piano music and mouth noises (theme song).

Cut to: Interior, Office Building

Close up on desk in a very very boring law firm. A container sits, unopened.

We cut to the lunch room where the office staff sit eating their lunch.

Inept Boss
(while eating)
So staff. What's on our agenda (AH-gen-doooo)??

Nice, vanilla, middle-america Co-Worker
I think it's Glennis' birthday today.

Mildly Retarded Boss
No kidding! (licks fingers and wipes them on his jacket) Well that's important! We should do something! How old is she, by the way?

Female Attorneys (3)
(in unison)
She is thirty.

Nice Co-worker
No, no I'm pretty sure she's 26 or 27.

VERY serious Female Attorneys
(in unison)
NO. SHE IS 30.

Donkey's Ass Boss
30 it is! Everyone wish her a happy 30th birthday!

Nice Co-worker
(under his breath)
Am I here?

Cut to:

Interior, cubicle in the life-draining law firm.

Glennis sits at her desk staring at her computer.

Cut to, cubile door, suddenly Bill and Barry, her kookie office mates, appear.

Bill & Barry
Hey Glennis! Happy birthday! We got you books!

Cut to: Glennis looking excited that someone remembered her birthday.

Thanks guys!

Bill & Barry
You're welcome. Welcome to the 30s!!

Aw man! I'm not...

Bill and Barry walk away before she can finish.

The End

Situation Comedy

Good morning!!

Hope everyone had a good night. No one stuck on a tram from Roosevelt Island, where they? Hopefully not. Although you'd have a good excuse to call in sick from work. Right guys? Any excuse is a good one.

Reminds me of a website I used to have called www.MyJobIsAJoke.com with Kirby (of Kirby and Glennis' NY adventures fame. Yes, that one.) We made a website because we both had booooring office jobs (I still do, I think she actually likes her job now.) and all we'd do was IM all day about how much we hated our boring jobs. So we made a website. It featured a brilliant cartoon on the front page with boring tasks such as answering the phone and filing. It was hilarious. Kirby even made this brilliant button you could push when browsing the website that would bring an excel spreadsheet up on your screen just in case your boss showed up mid-browsing. See... Brilliant and Hilarious!

If I remember correctly, we had a section of excuses for calling in sick. Here's what I remember (these have all at one point MAY have been used by someone we know):

1. My laundry was ruined at the cleaners and I have nothing to wear.
2. My friend needs me to help her move out of her apartment. Her boyfriend is really mean and is kicking her out.
3. My bathroom flooded!*
4. My kitchen flooded!*
5. My apartment flooded!*
6. My grandmother died.
7. I slipped in the bathroom on the wet floor and hit my head. Who am I??
8. I got locked out of my apartment while getting a coffee and I still have my pj's on.

*Do not use these within a 12 month period of each other.

God, I know there are more. I mean I could post really out there ones but honestly these have all been used. Not by me. NOT BY ME YOU GUYS.

So anyway, the website was fun and we loved it and we wanted people to look at it so one day, on my day off, I sent out an email to my contact list in Yahoo that said, "hey everyone! because I'm so bored at my booooring job and have so much free time on my hands I go to this website and you should too. Because my job is a JOKE." Fun, right?

Yeah, I accidentally sent that TO MY BOSS. I don't really remember what happened (my body went into shock and i think i blacked out) but I do remember she wrote back saying, "I'm sorry you have so much free time on your hands. We'll talk about that when you get in on Tuesday. That, and other things." Or something along those lines. I was sweating BALLS you guys. I immediatelly IM'd Kirby and started freaking out. But you know what? Nothing happened. I told her that the website was a friend's and she had just given me an email address on there. I said, "I love my job! She created the website as a joke and I just look at it because she's my friend."


Which leads me to the email I got from my mom this morning which said, among other things, "Glennis, you should pitch your life to someone to be a sitcom." Don't I know it, Mom.

Oh and did you guys see Pat Kiernen on NY1 this morning? He's talking about "in the papers" and starts on this case where a subway flasher/pervert got off without any punishment. The headline on the paper was "Subway Jerk Off The Hook." He said, "I wonder if that was an intentional pun." And then paused while the rest of us got it.

And last but not least, American Idol. First of all, what the hell is Kellie still doing on this competition. Did you see her performance last night? That was TERRIBLE!!! She was out of key, off the beat of the music, no emotion... and I LOVE THAT SONG! (she sang "Bewitched." No, not the theme to Bewitched the TV show which goes, "Bewitched! Bewitched! Bewitched, bewitched, bewitched!" Or at least those are the lyrics I gave it when I was little) The old song that goes, "bewitched, bothered and bewildered, am I." I think Simon had it right when he said we could take out bewitched and bothered and just be bewildered.

Also, Chris was amazing last night!

But the best part was that I heard what they were singing and I said to my boyfriend, "I would definitely sing, 'Someone to Watch Over Me' cuz that's my favorite song of all time." And then what does Kat sing?? Oh it was lovely. Except she smiled too much. That's not THAT happy a song. Do they not listen to what they're singing??? Ah well, it was still great that she sang my song.

Phew! That was quite a post!

Not really Freedying anything at the moment. But I do love that Chemical Brothers song, "Galvanize." Pretty awesome!

Peace out, watersprout!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


You guys, omg thank you so much for such a fun and awesome birthday party! And for those who could not make it, well it's my fault for either wronging you by not sending an invite (in which case you should have totes just said something cuz you know i love you, silly) or having it on a day when you were out of town/busy.

But seriously birthdays are the best. I wish everyone felt that way. Some people hate celebrating birthdays. Like, come on you guys... it's a celebration of YOU!! And what's better than that?? Easter? Nope. Christmas? NO. NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS.

So did anyone watch NY1 this morning. If you did then you saw our favorite anchor Roger Clark filling in for Pat Keirnen! Is it weird that I'm this obsessed with the NY1 anchors? I think it might be actually. It's ok though. I'm sure Roger would be happy to know there are people out there who appreciate his reporting and his humor. Cuz the dude is fun-nee! Love it love it. And glad they found the cat in that wall.

I'm starting to really want to work out more lately. I think I mentioned before I got a personal trainer. He's so great and if nothing else it's motivating me to work out more. AND he showed me how to run properly so my knees don't hurt! So I went running today and it was awesome how good it felt. Listening to music, running along the west side highway/river. Just amazing. So I want to do this thing called "my running buddy" where I get together with anywhere from 1 - 100 girls (100... in my dreams!) and we sync up a playlist on our ipods and we run together. And if someone gets tired or has a cramp, we walk, but mostly we jog/run and we motivate each other. And Hammy had the great idea to wear matching sweat suits and run all over NY. Which I think is probably the best idea of all time. And then Robyn was all "let's get the Brooklyn ladies together and run then have a picnic!" I mean you guys, I have the funnest friends. I'm doing my first official buddy run on Saturday the 6th at 11am with Miss Lovely Pants Jen MacNeil. We're going to rock it out on the UES. If anyone wants to join, let me know!

And really, all this being motivated is motivation from Sponeill. She has been working out like a champ lately and looks AMAZING. It's so inspiring.

Oh also, I've been watching "The Surreal Life" and I absolutely love Alexis Arquette. What an awesome dude. Tawny on the other hand. Frickin NUTS. And Florence Henderson? ANNOYING AS HECK. (I'm trying not to curse as much anymore. I have a potty mouth sometimes.)

And now, let's check in on my teeth.



Seriously I did nothing to alter these pictures at all. Thanks Crest White Strips!

Enjoy the weather everyone!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Could it BEEEEE?!?!


Ah hello all my lovelies! I love birthdays. If for no other reason than it gives me an excuse to eat a HUGE plate of french toast and bacon and feel not one smidge of guilt. Thank you birthday!!

Also, I came in late today. I mean, I usually do, but today I didn't CARE! Thanks birthday!

I got a bliss spa certificate from my boss so I can get another AWESOME facial (and maybe something else too!)! Thanks birthday!

I'm getting a makeover tomorrow at MAC cosmetics! Thanks birthday!

I am wearing a new birthday dress AND my favorite jacket AND my favorite shoes. Thanks birthday!

Man, don't you guys just LOVE birthdays?? I do. I especially love making a big deal out of mine. What can I say, it's my nature.

And now some depressing news. 4 people asked me yesterday if this was "THE BIG BIRTHDAY." FUCK! Liz thinks they meant my "super sweet 16." Phew!
UPDATE: ok seriously what the hell is going on. One of my bosses just gave me a gift and goes "welcome to the 30s!!!" WHAT IS GOING ON!?! Do I look 30??? I don't even know what 30 looks like. If one more person says I'm 30 I'm going to freak out. MORE. I'm 27 EVERYONE!!!

End freaking out.

See you tomorrow night!! Party night!!

Freedying: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
New Product my boyfriend Duane told me about: Olay Body Shower Lotion (or whatever it's called). The one in the yellow bottle with Shea butter. Smells awesome and really works!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Oh man you guys, I am having trouble writing this post because I'm feeling so much awesomeness right now!!

This past Sunday, Dance Dance Party Party was realized to it's utmost potential when, while dancing to a mix provided by the fantastic Robyn Sklaren, 15 girls spontaniously synced up to what seemed like choreographed arm movements while singing at the top of our lungs "Greased Lightening! Goooo Greased Lightening!" It was like those magical moments when everything is perfectly planned out without being planned out. Improv I think they call it. It helped that everyone WAS an improviser or performer of some sort. But I like to think if some accountant wandered in to our little mix they'd feel the love and excitement and would have no problem abandoning all inhibitions and Vogueing with us.

Did you know Katina can do the splits?? We found that out when we formed a circle and started to, one at a time, go in the center to do "our move."

I don't know about you but when those circles form on a regular dance floor I feel like going in there will mean certain death as I don't know how to a) break dance, b) belly dance, c) high kick or d) krunk. But this time I felt completely at ease. I think we were all thinking the same thing "oh god what are we going to do?" until some brave girl walked in, did a little jump and walked right out and we all WENT WILD WITH APPLAUSE FOR THEM. It was as if they had just sprouted wings and flew out of the circle. Everyone started to go in and do their move. It resulted in The Worm from Marcy, break dancing from Jen Schatz, a yoga pose from Robyn and... as I previously stated... splits from Katina. I went in and did a push up... or half a push up as I have absolutely no upper body strength at all but no matter what happened everyone laughed and applauded and it was amazing.

I just don't ever want this madness to end!! I look forward to DDPP each week more and more. And the more ladies that come, the more fun it is. And the more we make mixes the more we realize that the theme from The Jeffersons is actually a pretty valuable dance song and should in fact be played in all the clubs at this very moment.

GOD I LOVE DDPP SO MUCH. Thank god for my bestest friend Marcy and the fact that we have to dance no matter where we are when we hear a great song.

Oh! And I guess there was another pretty neato part on Sunday. A photographer from Time Out NY was there taking pictures for an article they're doing on it. Now, Marcy and I haven't been contacted about what the article is going to say, so I have a feeling it might have some incorrect stuff or not be exactly what we're going for... but oh well... press is press. The photographer was Blown Away by what we were doing. She was so cute taking our pictures and then asking if she could stay and watch for another song or two. (look for the article in the "chill out" section of this week's Time Out... coming out tomorrow... my bday! wow!)

So now I'm going to have a design/logo made for it and then we'll work on some sweet t-shirts. I'm telling you right now, this is gonna be huge. But no matter how big it gets, I swear to god it will still feel like just 15 girls in a room together cheering each other on as we walk like an egyptian.



Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Part Time Lover

You guys, I have a confession. I've been seeing someone on the side. Now before you judge me just listen. He's so awesome! He takes my needs into consideration first and he's Always got what I need. If I'm feelin' pain he eases it. If I'm hungry or thirsty he quenches it. Pretty much any desire I have, he's there.

That's right, my Easy Lover is...

Mr. Duane Reade

God you guys, my hearts all a twitter just thinking about him! Those isles! His scent! It drives me MAD! I could literally spend hours inside him and not get tired. RRREOW!!

The other day I was all, "oh man am I getting fine lines around my eyes?" First Duane told me NO. Then he recommended I use Neutrogena's Night Time Eye treatment, because, "it's never too early to take care of yourself, gorgeous!"

Oh DUUUUUUANE!!! (twitter!)

As I was leaving him last week, I coughed. He was concerned I might be "coming down with something" so he gave me some nyquil, OJ, tissues and a trashy mag. DUANE YOU KNOW ME SO WELL.

I seriously hope Duane isn't cheating on me. If I found out he was seeing another lady on the side... well, I just don't know what I'd do. Duane is my life!

Later tonight I'm meeting up for a rendezvous with him. He has this new lip gloss he thought would look amazing on me and GET THIS... he has TAMPONS for me! Come on girls, tell me you're not jealous of THAT!! It takes a pretty strong man to get tampons for his woman.

So anyway, I just wanted to let my secret out of the bag. I'm pretty hungry now, I think Duane's downstairs waiting with some Soy Crisps and an OJ. (read: snickers and coke)

Have a great day!


Glennis Reade (forevaaaaaa)

No Matter How Hard You Try

So as we all know, I work in a pukey law firm to pay my bills. And I do find this law firm especially pukey not only because of the people that work here, but for the simple fact that it's eaten my soul in just 5 short years.


My firm is filled with the sort of people you might find, oh, in law firms, but of the especially douchey variety.

We have an intranet that holds all our company info where each employee must have a picture and their work information. It's not fun, but it's required (in fact, if an emaployee's picture is not posted on the intranet a few days after they start the phone starts to ring and people start to complain. IT'S THAT IMPORTANT).

But still.

Two new employees started last week and I sent their pictures to the Tech department so they could be posted online. The tech guy sent this email back:

These pictures are not very flatering. I cannot in good consious post these for everyone in the Firm to see. Could you please have these pictures retaken at your earliest convienance. Thanks

Wow! Seriously???

The dude is a TECH guy and he felt the need to comment on these poor women and their ugo OFFICE PHOTOS. Now I've seen the photes. The women just look that way. Honestly, there's nothing that can be done and they're not even THAT bad. I mean, they're not going to win beauty pageants but I doubt they're trying.


I didn't write back and instead fwded the email to my boss who said, "Is he for REAL???????" Ha. Then I told my other boss and she goes, "Can you just fiddle with them in Photoshop a little?"

It's like Liz said, "It's as if everyone is saying, 'We all agree these women are ugly, Glennis. Now GET ON BOARD.'"

And my sister pointed out something.... what are we going to tell these ladies? Sorry, we have to retake your photo. The IT guy thinks you're ugly.

Shit man, it's depressing enough having to work in an office without the Tech guy judging your looks. What a shit.

Just for kicks I looked at his intranet picture and he's a bonafied GEEK. That was mean but I really need you to hate this dude. Ok he's not just a geek, I kinda love geeks... he's a bitter geek. You can see it on his face. Which just makes me feel bad for him and for reporting this whole story.

But, like the news, I must report all sides of the story.

This just goes to show that now matter how hard we try to deny it, people are ultimately just a bunch of douchebags.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


First of all, I have to report that because of the NY Lotto commercial running with me in white-face and my teeth looking like crack-whore/ash tray/toilet bowl, I decided I needed to whiten my teeth. So I bought one of those at-home whiteners... Crest Whitestrips I think it was. The 10 day kind. So you're supposed to wear the little gelly strips on your upper and lower teeth for 30 minutes, two times a day.

My innitial concern was when putting the strips on. I got a little of the gel on my fingers and thought nothing of it. The directions said my fingers might turn a little white so I just let it lay. Then about 10 minutes later my fingers started to BURN. Now I don't know if you have ever had the pleasure of getting bleach on your skin, but my mom used to be a hair stylist so I've had a ton of contact with bleach and, yeah, that was about the same feeling. I went and washed my hands off and the burning eventually stopped. And then, because I'm Glennis and I'm brilliant, I took off that set of bleachers after 30 minutes and put on a new set. It did say you could do that. But I also thought I read NOT to brush your teeth after bleaching. I'm not sure why that would have been the case but I thought I read it. So I did not brush my teeth after bleaching.

I woke up this morning in PAAAAIN. Wow, my teeth really hurt you guys. I'm kind of freaked out that they're gonna fall out or start to develop holes or something of the sort. I re-read the instructions and it said do not brush your teeth BEFORE doing the strips. So there's that. I think I have to hold off on the remaining 9 days. This is only day one! Gah what is wrong with me. Anyone else had a similar experience or are my teeth going to fall out of my head?

But the real reason I wanted to write today is because I had the most adorable moment on the train yesterday. I got on the uptown 6 to go to therapy so I only had to go one stop. I was standing in front of a stroller with an adorable little boy in it. The doors were taking forever to close so I started waving to the boy... he couldn't have been more than 1 1/2. So I'm waving and he's waving and I start crossing my eyes and he giggles and I smile and he smiles and I'm all, "damn that is a CUTE little kid! So cute!" and he's all, "this chick is FU-HU-NEE!" and the little boy is holding a water bottle and he gets so tickled by my funny faces that he lifts his hands over his head and DUMPS the contents of his water bottle all over his head.

So I make a "oopsie daisy!" face and start to smile. The kid is having NONE of it. He doesn't cry or laugh... he just sits there with this, "wha...wha... WHHHAAA? How COULD YOU? I thought we were friends! What is so funny?? Are YOU ALL WET??"

Literally for the remaining 5 mins I was on the train he sat there and GLARED at me as if I'd caused this unfortunate mess. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life.

Oh except a puppy falling in a bowl of milk. OMGOMGOMG

Oh and can I just state for the record that the previous two songs I said I was Freedying, I was not actually Freedying because, although I was listening to them a lot, I did not have that urgent, "I NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG NOW!!" feeling.
I am, however, Freedying: Big In Japan by Alphaville
Holy cow that song is stuck.

and let's not forget...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Birthday Birthday, oh Birthday

I always feel like it's a no-no to say anything about my birthday coming up until my dear Kirby's has come and gone (tomorrow, Happy Birthday Kirby DAWGIE!!!) but you know what? This year my birthday is just too exciting.

Every year I have my birthday at a karaoke lounge in the city and every year a great many friends show up to sing, drink and be merry. And every year, for the past two or so years, I have had people design t-shirts. The first year I actually think I designed them along with the help of some friends. But last year I just provided the shirts and markers and let people have at it.


(thanks Tanna from the Apprentice!)

I can see it all now. Amazing t-shirts, fun, laughter, singing, bedazzled body parts... oh it's NOT TO BE MISSED!

And now, I present my favorite designs from years past. Enjoy!

I just don't know how one picture could be so adorable.

Liz made my name into the word "Slut." Strangly I was not offended by this.

Maggie had a two parter. This was part one...

And of COURSE this was part two...

Eugene turned it up a notch (I still have this design at home)

Eliza was one of the only ones the first year to make her own. Trailblazer!

Will did an AMAZING likeness of me. He thinks I'm so skinny!

Shelly took it to the next level by incorporating my favorite pair of shoes. Now that's detail!

Kate made it look like she'd bought the $2 t-shirt at Saks. And made my name into a catch phrase. (people are still saying it!)

Would a BEDAZZLER bring down the lousy factor, Cara?

Lynn can't draw, but she can mystify and delight.

And my favorite...Dave looking sad and lonesome without his puppy.

If you are reading this and have not been invited and want to come, email me! Free pizza, Glennis, karaoke, Glennis, beer, Glennis, BEDAZZLER, GLENNIS! What more could one party need???