Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Oh man you guys, I am having trouble writing this post because I'm feeling so much awesomeness right now!!

This past Sunday, Dance Dance Party Party was realized to it's utmost potential when, while dancing to a mix provided by the fantastic Robyn Sklaren, 15 girls spontaniously synced up to what seemed like choreographed arm movements while singing at the top of our lungs "Greased Lightening! Goooo Greased Lightening!" It was like those magical moments when everything is perfectly planned out without being planned out. Improv I think they call it. It helped that everyone WAS an improviser or performer of some sort. But I like to think if some accountant wandered in to our little mix they'd feel the love and excitement and would have no problem abandoning all inhibitions and Vogueing with us.

Did you know Katina can do the splits?? We found that out when we formed a circle and started to, one at a time, go in the center to do "our move."

I don't know about you but when those circles form on a regular dance floor I feel like going in there will mean certain death as I don't know how to a) break dance, b) belly dance, c) high kick or d) krunk. But this time I felt completely at ease. I think we were all thinking the same thing "oh god what are we going to do?" until some brave girl walked in, did a little jump and walked right out and we all WENT WILD WITH APPLAUSE FOR THEM. It was as if they had just sprouted wings and flew out of the circle. Everyone started to go in and do their move. It resulted in The Worm from Marcy, break dancing from Jen Schatz, a yoga pose from Robyn and... as I previously stated... splits from Katina. I went in and did a push up... or half a push up as I have absolutely no upper body strength at all but no matter what happened everyone laughed and applauded and it was amazing.

I just don't ever want this madness to end!! I look forward to DDPP each week more and more. And the more ladies that come, the more fun it is. And the more we make mixes the more we realize that the theme from The Jeffersons is actually a pretty valuable dance song and should in fact be played in all the clubs at this very moment.

GOD I LOVE DDPP SO MUCH. Thank god for my bestest friend Marcy and the fact that we have to dance no matter where we are when we hear a great song.

Oh! And I guess there was another pretty neato part on Sunday. A photographer from Time Out NY was there taking pictures for an article they're doing on it. Now, Marcy and I haven't been contacted about what the article is going to say, so I have a feeling it might have some incorrect stuff or not be exactly what we're going for... but oh well... press is press. The photographer was Blown Away by what we were doing. She was so cute taking our pictures and then asking if she could stay and watch for another song or two. (look for the article in the "chill out" section of this week's Time Out... coming out tomorrow... my bday! wow!)

So now I'm going to have a design/logo made for it and then we'll work on some sweet t-shirts. I'm telling you right now, this is gonna be huge. But no matter how big it gets, I swear to god it will still feel like just 15 girls in a room together cheering each other on as we walk like an egyptian.



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Snow White said...

I think the "Smooth Criminal" fight scene is also worth mentioning... Jen MacNeil is one heck of a pretend hit-woman.