Wednesday, April 05, 2006


First of all, I have to report that because of the NY Lotto commercial running with me in white-face and my teeth looking like crack-whore/ash tray/toilet bowl, I decided I needed to whiten my teeth. So I bought one of those at-home whiteners... Crest Whitestrips I think it was. The 10 day kind. So you're supposed to wear the little gelly strips on your upper and lower teeth for 30 minutes, two times a day.

My innitial concern was when putting the strips on. I got a little of the gel on my fingers and thought nothing of it. The directions said my fingers might turn a little white so I just let it lay. Then about 10 minutes later my fingers started to BURN. Now I don't know if you have ever had the pleasure of getting bleach on your skin, but my mom used to be a hair stylist so I've had a ton of contact with bleach and, yeah, that was about the same feeling. I went and washed my hands off and the burning eventually stopped. And then, because I'm Glennis and I'm brilliant, I took off that set of bleachers after 30 minutes and put on a new set. It did say you could do that. But I also thought I read NOT to brush your teeth after bleaching. I'm not sure why that would have been the case but I thought I read it. So I did not brush my teeth after bleaching.

I woke up this morning in PAAAAIN. Wow, my teeth really hurt you guys. I'm kind of freaked out that they're gonna fall out or start to develop holes or something of the sort. I re-read the instructions and it said do not brush your teeth BEFORE doing the strips. So there's that. I think I have to hold off on the remaining 9 days. This is only day one! Gah what is wrong with me. Anyone else had a similar experience or are my teeth going to fall out of my head?

But the real reason I wanted to write today is because I had the most adorable moment on the train yesterday. I got on the uptown 6 to go to therapy so I only had to go one stop. I was standing in front of a stroller with an adorable little boy in it. The doors were taking forever to close so I started waving to the boy... he couldn't have been more than 1 1/2. So I'm waving and he's waving and I start crossing my eyes and he giggles and I smile and he smiles and I'm all, "damn that is a CUTE little kid! So cute!" and he's all, "this chick is FU-HU-NEE!" and the little boy is holding a water bottle and he gets so tickled by my funny faces that he lifts his hands over his head and DUMPS the contents of his water bottle all over his head.

So I make a "oopsie daisy!" face and start to smile. The kid is having NONE of it. He doesn't cry or laugh... he just sits there with this, "wha...wha... WHHHAAA? How COULD YOU? I thought we were friends! What is so funny?? Are YOU ALL WET??"

Literally for the remaining 5 mins I was on the train he sat there and GLARED at me as if I'd caused this unfortunate mess. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life.

Oh except a puppy falling in a bowl of milk. OMGOMGOMG

Oh and can I just state for the record that the previous two songs I said I was Freedying, I was not actually Freedying because, although I was listening to them a lot, I did not have that urgent, "I NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG NOW!!" feeling.
I am, however, Freedying: Big In Japan by Alphaville
Holy cow that song is stuck.

and let's not forget...


kirbdawg said...

OMG! That Picture - its perfact! ha ha ha!! Thanks!

Snow White said...

It's normal for your teeth to hurt when dentist bleached my teeth a couple of years teeth got so sensitive...I couldn't eat hot food or drink cold drinks...but it's the price we pay for beauty! Hello Brazillian Wax.