Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is my dad, Tom.

My poor, sweet daddy has early-onset Alzheimer's. He's only 63.

My dad was the king of cheesy jokes and gave me my sense of humor. His favorite thing to say after a bombed attempt at a joke was, "Hey Glennis? Nice try." My dad cared about the environment and biked everywhere he could in our small town in Colorado. He recycled, had a composte pile and grew his own vegetables. He also grew and smoked a lot of weed and he voted for Nader because he knew in his heart he was the best man for the job. He and my mom got married in a field and a friend of theirs said, "Abracadabra!" My dad might not have always been around but he did the best he could with what he had, and he helped make me who I am today. If my dad could still have a conversation with me we'd have so much to talk about. He'd be so proud of the person I've become and what I've accomplished. But life isn't fair and pretty soon my dad won't know who I am, let alone what a similar person to him I've become: the awesome daughter of an even awesomer man.

I'm taking part in the Alzheimer's walk on Sunday with my sister, Kelsey. If you have a few extra dollars please consider donating it to the Alzhiemer's Assocation by clicking this link.

Thank you.