Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Thing #1

As I've said here before, my pal Jen is doing a new thing every day for an entire year and blogging about it and the outcome is heartwarming, adorable and interesting. She even made her freakin face out of food at my suggestion!! She is awesome. So, following in her footsteps, I've been trying to do new things. Things that are outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I just think about them (riding a roller coaster at Coney Island) and sometimes...well, sometimes I actually do them. And this "sometime" was a week and a half ago at the Olive Garden.

I know what you're saying. What was a classy intelligent gal like myself doing eating at The OG when we live in a literal hot bead of Italian eateries (is it a "literal hot bed"? I don't know if that applies to this situation. It's my blog. It does.). Well I'll tell you, it was my dear friend Carrie's birthday and she loves The OG and damn it, aside from being overpriced, it wasn't half bad! But eating there wasn't my "new thing" because I've been there many a time before. I used to practically live there when my friend Lindy worked at the Times Square location. Just call me Unlimited Glennis! (a.k.a. MOOCH)

So anyway, we're sitting there eating and our waiter is adorable. I'm not going to go into details because it's FAR too embarrassing but basically I convinced myself that he was "into me" and asked him out. Or actually I should say I told him I'd show him around NY since he'd only been here for 4 months. What am I, a Cameron Diaz movie!? Yeah, he never called.

Oh god you guys it was so embarrassing.

I mean, wait it wasn't was em...POWERING!


Gah. I'm such a losah.

I feel bad for you men out there! It must be hard being shot down, even just once, and sometimes we girls are ruthless! I mean the guy was nice, he took my number. So basically he lied. Glarp.

Maybe he really was gay like Dorian mused? Oh who cares.

Anyway this, dear readers, is why last night when Hammy and I were at Walker's in Tribeca getting our drink on and I developed a crush on the bartender I just kept my fat mouth shut. It just ain't worth it. At least for now. Also, I like that bar and would like to be able to go back without feeling retarded for asking someone out who clearly wasn't interested.

Oh I also lied a lot last night. Among the lies were that we were from Montana, that I was in advertising, that I created the H&M promo magazine I had with me, that Hammy and I were sisters, that I was talking to my dad on the phone at a bar crying about this and that while he had sex with my mom (what??) and that Jen's name was Jerrica. I loooove to liiiiiie when I'm druuuuuunk.

In other news, I went to see Ricky Gervais last night and he was SO ADORABLE. I wanted to shrink him down, put him in my pocket and take him home with me. I'm not sure what would have happened after that but it would have been adoooorable!

Well, I guess that's all from McMurray, y'all. I'm headed to Pinkberry for some pre-rehearsal froyo with Lin-Z. Lin-Z from Jem, y'all. LIZ BLACK. God. Do I have to spell everything out for you? (Just kidding. I love you.)

Oh and Jem has a date! June 25th!!! UCB Theatre! SAVE IT! THE DATE! FOR JEM!


Have a great day!


Glennis "Wanna Go Out With M...No? OK, cool" McMurray

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