Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Are You My Bloggy?

Holy crap you guys. What the farg!? I haven't written in ages! Ages I say! Wait, has everyone see that commercial for Orbitz where they're cursing each other out but they say stuff like "what the flapjack, applesauce?!" or something like that. Oh god I love that commercial so much. It's like a song. I wanna record it and listen to it over and over. And there's yet another reason for you, dear reader, to suspect that I might be a tiny bit autistic. (Reason 1: I like heavy things on top of me. i.e. I like to be hugged or squeezed which I hear people with autism like and also cows who are about to be slaughtered are squeezed because it calms them down. Wait, I should research this before I tell you all stuff you'll go recycling all over the place. One second I'ma look...wait.. why would I want to look up COW SLAUGHTERING. That's just depressing. Let's just pretend that before a cow gets killed someone gives them a big, fat hug! Like The Pillowman! Oh man this is getting sad, I'll stop.)

So anyway, I want to write. I miss writing. One person even told me they miss me writing. Here you go, person! I'm writing!

So first of all I went to an Arcade Fire show! My pal Shelly asked if I wanted to risk life and limb by getting tickets on a random website for a sold out show. And of COURSE I said yes. I mean, come on... risk is my middle name! (Unless it's pertaining to roller coasters. Yikes!) So anyway, we went to the show at 175th and Broadway at the United Palace Theatre. IT WAS AMAZING. If you have a chance to go see them DO IT. Even if you don't know their music. I swear, guys, it will be worth it! First of all they have 10 people on stage and they play tons of instruments and the energy is amazing. We were standing the whole time! I hate standing! It was THAT GOOD!

Ok so go see Arcade Fire, check.

Second, this Friday night, thanks to my buddy Liz, I'm going to see Ricky Gervais! eeee! How excited am I, you guys! Everyone sing that Outkast song together - Heeeeeeee-eeey ya!

This coming Sunday my dear, dear cousin Emry is getting married in New Hampshire. I get to go up and drink and dance and wear my adorable new gray patent leather shoes and my cream dress (seriously the combo... i could die) and watch my cousin, the man I swore I would marry (at age 3, y'all. it ain't like that.) walk down the isle. I am so excited. I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. I'm getting teary just thinking about it!

Oh god, you guys... so I started taking Lunesta (a sleeping pill) and I slept great! I felt great! But the days that I took it I was seconds away from crying all day. Seriously. Everything would make me cry. A commercial for FURNITURE made me cry. So I'm like great now my options are either sleepy or weepy? FANTASTIC. But honestly, I had this amazing breakthrough in therapy the other day and I have been happier in the past week or so than maybe ever. MAYBE EVER! Can you get with that, bitches?! Heeeee-ey ya!

It's like reading a letter from a 12 year old. I realize this.

So let's see...what else. Oh! I went to Coney Island for Eliza's birthday which was RETARDED. So much fun. I didn't even ride anything (except a nice little buzz) and I still had fun! I still wish we'd gone to the aquarium but poor E got stuck on the BQE because of traffic. But it's coo, we'll go again. Bokay? You can come. How 'bout that? Pinkie swear. kisses.

What is wrong with me. I'm super excited to have 2 seconds to sit and write. Hell yes.

OH WAIT. To the lovely Dina who commented on my last post about seeing our I Eat Pandas show... THANK YOU! I kept trying to respond to your comment but I couldn't for some reason so you should know your comment made my week! Thank you for coming!

Y'all we have another show coming up so don't be sad that you missed the last one. It's on Tuesday the 22nd at Gotham City Improv and it's taped and it will be so awesome! It's part of this show called Acid Test that tapes improv shows (with 3 cameras) and then puts them online for all the world to see. We're SUPER honored to be a part of this show and to have the entire show to ourselves!! You guys should definitely come check it out! Why? Because I luv you, that's why. smoochysmoochylilpoochy!

Sigh. Well, I think that's all I have for now you crazy kids. I will post more often. I know, I know... I say that all the time but this time I mean it.

Peace out watersprout.



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Yay! You're back!