Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Sick, Sick Sign

Guys! I have mother effing SHINGLES! Man, when I get sick I really get sick! (Although there was no crapping in the bed this time, thank you very much...)

About 2 weeks ago I got a really stiff neck and it just kept getting more and more painful. I thought it was a chiropractor thing so I went to a lovely woman who cracked, rubbed and ice-packed me and the next day it was 10x worse. I wasn't too concerned until my roommate looked at these weird swollen lymph nodes and said, "Glennis! It looks like you have an alien under your skin!" I looked in the mirror and she was right, right behind my ear there was a cluster of about 4 peanut-sized lumps that were very visible from under the skin. But still I just assumed they were knots from... a neck injury and even though I was in TERRIBLE pain (I literally woke up crying it hurt that bad) I decided it would just go away on its own. But when I woke up with freakin blisters on my neck I knew I needed to go see someone. So on Saturday I hobbled over to St. Vincent's on 12th and went to the emergency room. It was actually really fast and really great service. I thought I'd sit there forever but it was fairly quick. The doctor took a look at my swollen lymph nodes and thought it might be mono so she took some blood and then she saw the blisters and said, "oh! you have shingles!"

Shingles is the adult version of chicken pox. It's a virus that, once you get chicken pox as a kid, lays dormant in your nervous system your entire life. If your immune system gets really depleted due to stress, no sleep or something more severe like HIV or chemotherapy, it can attack! And give you blisters on your neck! And jesus h. CHRIST is it painful. They gave me vicadin for the pain and VALTREX for the virus. Because yes, it's a herpes. Not like vagina herpes you creeps. I just wish I could explain this pain to you guys. Mother of god I love me some vicadin.

So that's that and I think this is a sign that I need to slow down. If that means quitting some stuff I love, then so be it. I just need a damn vacation, y'all.

Hope you are doing well!!





Megan said...

Hope you feel better soon!!

kirby said...

Take Care of yourself and feel better soon!!! xoxoxoxox

Dopey LaRue said...

Yay! Vacation to LA! It will be super exciting to see you, and I can't wait! (Power of positive thinking!) You are the second person lately that I know to get shingles. How freaking odd is that!?!?!?!?! Get some sleep, woman!!!

Reece said...

Awww that SUCKS! I know someone who had them in their EYE. Grody.

get well soon L,

ps: now i am itchy and think i have shingles too.

Travis Ploeger said...

Take care of yourself, Glennis!

Rest up!!!!

Michelle said...

Take care of yourself, crazy lady! And yes, vicodin is good!

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