Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Providance '07 Recap

This past weekend marked I Eat Pandas' 3rd trip to the Providence Improv Festival and I have to say, this was the best trip yet!

First of all that video that I posted last night (of the talking cats) had Eliza and I in stitches all weekend. All she'd have to do is say, "Oh Don Piaaano" and I would have to cross my legs to keep pee from coming out. And still, a little bit did. Yes. We find that video THAT HILARIOUS. The first time I showed it to her she was literally on the floor holding her sides. How often does that happen!? Oh god I love that video.

Oh and you guys you should have seen our hotel room. It was like a psych-ward room! It was COMPLETELY white from top to bottom. White tile floors, white walls, white couch, white bed and the only art on the walls was some brushed metal shit that looked like it had been there since the 80s. Ridiculously white. I was saying to Eliza on our way up that I loved the Carmela Soprano look for houses even though it's totally ugly and cookie cutter. So when we walked into the room I think she expected me to go "ooooh yay!" when instead I went "WHAT THE FRIG!?" Oh wait! You can totally see the pictures on the website: http://www.dolcevillari.com/dolce.htm. Hilarious. Someone said "this room looks like they just hose it down after people leave" and I immediately wanted to cut someones throat and splatter blood everywhere. What else is a white room good for?!

We used the shit out of that hotel room, too. We had parties in it both nights, inviting all our new improv buddies (and some old ones as well) to share in the whiteness. The first night (Friday) we smoked and played music and basically "Aerosmith'd" the place until the night manager came banging on the door to remind us that it was 4am. We pussied out and made everyone leave. What kind of rock stars are we anyway!? Real rock stars would have told him to go eff his mother after blowing cigarette smoke in his face and then would have taken a dump on the comforter. (I did take a dump on the comforter but for other reasons. Why don't I have a boyfriend again?)

The 2nd night we partied until 4am and when I got tired I yelled "everyone get the fuck out! Glennis go bed!" and then sprawled out on the couch like a true lady. Seriously…why don't dudes want to get with this?

We had two shows while up there (no, we didn't travel to just trash hotel rooms and laugh at talking cats) and the show on Saturday night was with the AMAZING TJ & Dave! We got to open for them! It was seriously such an honor for us. We watched their show after ours and I just can't tell you how amazing those guys are. Their object work alone made me want to cut off my hands and give them to them. And switching characters with such ease and taking over the other's character and…jesus just everything about it. It's such a treat to watch. TJ is also a great guy. I had met him a while ago when my ex and I traveled up to Maine (he was up there working and living for the winter) and when I walked over to him to re-introduce myself he was like "yes! Glennis! You sang 'Magic Man' when we all went out karaokeing!" And not ONCE did he introduce me as "_____'s ex girlfriend." That's the sign of a true gentleman :)

And of course you know we didn't go all the way to Providence without hitting up the Providence Place Mall. Word! We hit the usual stores (Delia*s, Hot Topic, Forevsies Twenty-Onesies) and a few new ones; they now have an H&M which isn't picked over and disgusting like the ones in NY. We saw two movies (Ratatouille and 1408) neither of which left me that impressed. I love Pixar but that shit's not as magical now that Disney took it over. Boo, I hate you so much Disney. And honestly, 1408 just made us laugh.

We traded in the bus back for the cushier, beerier train and did indeed have a congratulatory beer on the way home. We arrived back in NY safe and sound and with one more successful trip under our belts.

All in all it was a really successful trip and a great time. Thanks to Mauro and everyone who worked so hard to put it together!

And when I look back on this trip I'll always remember one thing the most:

That fucking cat video.

Have a great day!




chad said...

well done, if you haven't seen it yet- please, please watch the video - http://www.dolcevillari.com/suite2-vid.htm

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