Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?

First of all, let me just point your sweet little eyes in the direction of this:

That's yours truly and the love of my life. In a Glamour Magazine spread! Check it out here!

You guys, I never ever thought I'd be this happy. I know, I know... leave the cheese on the pages of Glam, but seriously... well I'm just really really happy. That's all. I LOVE YOU MR. MATT MCCARTHY!

And to top it all off I've been working! Acting work! I'm still at my lamo law firm job (I mean I love this job so much) but lately I've been working on shooting the pilot for the new Electric Company! Heeeeey Yooooou Guuuuuuuys! It's been pretty amazing and awesome and we haven't even started shooting yet. (Lots of rehearsals and some costume fittings and other things of that nature.)

So... Yippee!! Love! Jobs! No money in the bank but who the eff cares!!

Life is good, you know? (That makes me think of miss Ann Carr... you know?) I mean I sat down at my desk today after being out with EC for about a week and started to get depressed. But really what is there to be depressed about? Even if I was to have to sit here for the rest of my life it would be ok right? Because I'd make it ok! I mean I'm totally going to work my ass off so that DOESN'T happen but... well life is good.

Oh! Before I forget I am raising money for my dad for the Alzheimer's Walk on October 21st! If you want to donate you can go here and do so. And I will be a [Your Name]-bian forever.

I hope you are all doing well.