Monday, October 18, 2010

I Prefer ELO

Sing it with me, y'all!

I, too, prefer ELO, Randy Newman!

I'm sure you're all well aware of this from my previous statement, but I'll say it again: I am absolutely ELObsessed with Electric Light Orchestra.  If ever there was a perfect band, IMO it's ELO.  My love is so strong I once created a t-shirt in their honor, but it's more than love, it's LURV...slurpy, sloppy, uncontrollable love.  Well, you guys, on Saturday night my life changed a little bit.  Not in that, "a baby came out of my lady pocket!" kind of way, more like the, "I saw the Loser's Lounge tribute to ELO, ON-J and Xanadu" way. Suck it, babies!  This was way better!  My Xana-date for the evening was Miss Marcy Girt. We've long bonded over a shared love of everything 70's/disco so I knew we'd have fun, but that's not saying a lot since we could have fun brushing Alpacas.  (And we know from experience.)  Aaaanywayzles, I knew we'd have a great time.  But wow, it was better than great... it was Electrifying! We got chills! They were multiplying! We turned to stone! Our joy was raining! All over the world! You have to believe... it was Magic!

The entire night, without hyperbole, was out of this world, but the highlight for me, aside from seeing my (obvious) talent-crush Joe McGinty and almost falling off my stool while dancing to "Physical", was Tricia Scotti's performance of "Telephone Line".  I'm not saying I cried, but my eyes were definitely leaking some sort of liquid and I felt this overwhelming...feeling.  Oh, how can I explain this?  It's kind of how I felt the last time someone called me ma'am (Forever 21, last Tuesday).  It was like that.  LL's version of an already beautiful song was chilling, but Scotti really brought the piece home.  There was something about hearing a woman sing those lyrics that struck a chord with me.  Uh, oh... don't tell my therapist!  (See... I avoid real feelings by making jokes.)  I'm awaiting the addition to their CD section with bated breath.  There's also this little part of me that loves when backup singers, as Scotti is for Loser's Lounge, take center stage.  I'm not sure where it stems from, but I love it, guys.  Oh wait, I know - Adventures In Baby Sitting!  Right guys? (No? Nothing like that? Shhhhh shh shh, let me have this.  I love that movie ALMOST as much as I love ELO.)

Marcy and I tried our darndest to get a table though we didn't have a reservation, but none were open.  The place was packed to the gills, but we snagged a few seats by the front entrance and really that was better than a table.  First because I would have eaten all of Joe's Pub, Second because we were inconspicuously able to dance to the adorable Jack Skuller & Sophie (Just Sophie)'s rendition of "You're the One That I Want".  14-year-old Jack and she's-a-lady-so-we-won't-ask-but-I'm-guessing-the-same Sophie could not have been more adorable.  Don't believe me?  Check Jack:

And Sophie:

(Um... Sophie?  You are amazeballs.)

ADORABLE.  Listen, I'm sure that's the last thing they'd want to hear at that age.  I get it.  But, some day, some day they'll thank me.  And that day will be when they're trying on clothes at Forever 21 and a 12-year-old sales associate calls them ma'am.  Then they'll thank me.  Ahem.  Um... Marcy and I also pretty much made up an entire seated dance to "Do Ya", performed by Mike Fornatale.  The night might have been lacking in one area and that was spontaneous audience choreography.  Ah well maybe next time, folks.

For my fellow ELObsessies, I took a few videos. For Nick Stevens, Sean Altman singing Showdown, as this is our shared ELO-fave:


And for Brandy Barber because, as I sat there enjoying myself like a selfish little guppy I realized I was about to witness what was probably her musical wet dream and hadn't even bothered to invite her (some friend I am!), Seth Berkowitz & Michal The Girl singing Suddenly from Xanadu:

The next Loser's Lounge, I'm told, will play in December - a tribute to the Rat Pack.  Let's all go, shall we?  We shall.




Mike Fornatale said...

Thank you, "young lady." ;)

scribegrrrl said...

Tricia Scotti's rendition of "Telephone Line" was totally transcendent. I've had a bit of a crush on her for a while now, but with that particular song, she earned my undying devotion. She gave it SOUL. And I'm so glad the crowd responded with much cheering! She's often unsung (heh) so I'm glad she got to bask in the applause a little.

All in all a fantastic evening! Almost as fun as the Fleetwood Mac LL. But I'm not so sure about the Rat Pack idea. :-/

Glennis McMurray said...

Mike! You were so great. And, I blush :)

Scribegrrrl - I'm looking forward to their modern interpretations of the Rat Pack songs. And I won't lie... I'll be imbibing some hot/dirty martinis in their honor so take that into consideration.

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