Monday, July 26, 2010

Zip It!

You guys I've come to the realization that I need to learn to keep my fat mouth shut. Especially when liquored up on 12 gallons of fine, top shelf Magic Hat #9. I've got diarrhea of the mouth anyway, but put a little sweet nectar of the gods in this girl and I've also got diarrhea of the butt which makes me feel like the world owes me something which makes me angry and I go off on a tirade about how a certain comedian is a hack... while he's performing on stage. Granted, I think only the 4 people who know me and were standing in my direct vicinity heard me, but it doesn't make my behavior any lest ghastly.

Will I ever be an adult?

Stay tuned, internet. The transformation might take place before your very eyes.

But most likely I'll just continue to drink my meals and make a fool of myself.


Our landlord who is, if you haven't been following my Facebook rants a total tool/slumlord/dickbag, took the cowardly way out of the sitch we're in right here and told us we need to get out so he can renovate our apartment. I can only imagine his idea of renovation is a fresh role of duct tape, the bastard. Once again, I opened my big mouth about our shitty living situation (screamed at him about once again failing to follow through on his promise to exterminate the building and then reported him to 311) and got us booted out on our booties.

Glenny needs to learn to zip it!!

OR does the world need to learn to get their shit together. I think a little of both.

And that's what's happening on this. Oh and I'm getting married so at least I found someone who loves this big fat mouth.