Friday, March 31, 2006

Toss My Salad

I don't know what it is about those "we'll toss your salad" places, but when faced with a bowl of lettuce and unlimited ingredients/dressings I become a blabbering mess! I simply can not think. What do I like? Do those two things go well together? Is that too many different types of cheese? Will that dressing compliment the different cheeses?

It's Simply TOO MUCH!

I end up with salads consisting of cheddar cheese ("I love cheeseburgers... right?") and chick peas with red wine vinegar dressing.


So then I go the exact opposite... corn, mushrooms, beets, chicken, avocado, sprouts, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, black olives, feta cheese, artichokes and onions. With italian. ("Wait, I hate Italian... why did I get Italian! Too late... he's pouring it on... oh god.. NOOO!!! He just put TWO SCOOPERS OF ITALIAN!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD NOOOOO!!!!!!")

Besides the fact that the salad resembles chili and costs $15, it's actually pretty terrible. Oh wait, so it's ALL AROUND TERRIBLE.

I used to have a few "go-tos" that I knew I loved. One was grilled chicken, cheddar (again, cheese on a salad is NEVER a bad thing), broccoli and sprouts with Asian Sesame dressing. Then I ate it almost every day for a month (as I'm apt to do with most things I like) and got so sick of the dressing I couldn't even smell it.

**Side Note: I should mention that I don't eat salads for their health value. I just really enjoy the mixed up/small bite quality salads present. I also enjoy a lot of different tastes in one meal. And I don't like to cut stuff up.

The other go-to had grilled chicken, blue cheese, walnuts and cranberries. How exotic! I usually put balsamic. But again... even thinking about eating walnuts cranberries and blue cheese right now is making me gag.

So what is my deal. Why is it so hard for me to decide and more importantly...WHY DO I KEEP GOING BACK?

Holler if you hear me people.

Freedying: Cubicle, by Rinocerose (that song from the new ipod commercial with all the album covers. I LOVE it.)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's ON




Oh Sniffie Dickler you have DONE IT THIS TIME.

Ok I have to calm down people. I am all RILED UP!

Last night Kellie Pickler proved that she could stand up on stage and kill baby deer (i believe they're called fawn) and as long as she said, "oops! i'm SAAAARRY!! I'm SAAAARRY Y'all!!" when the judges snarked at her, America would vote her through.


I mean I'm not really surprised that America loves the dumbest contestant, considering who our president is (oh yes I did), but COME ON. THE CHICK can't even sing! She is vapid and dead behind the eyes when performing and not an ounce of passion... and can I just reiterate...


Ok now that was bad enough (I watched Tuesday's episode last night), but then the elimination episode comes on. And I don't even know what to say. My Katharine McPhee is in the BOTTOM TWO. WHAT the mother loving god is going ON HERE?!

I'm telling you this right now. If Kellie "Nose" Pickler wins I will boycott the entire American Idol institution.

I'm sure I'll make a HUGE impact.

Also, someone asked me if I was actually VOTING. Come on... I HAVE A LIFE!

Oh yeah and I'm sad Lisa left but come on... the girl is 16. She's got like 4 more years until she's too old to do anything with her life. (sob)

Now let's recap what I hate about each contestant and we'll conclude this American Idol slam fest:

EWWWWW. Seriously, this is the kind of guy who in high school would get drunk at a party and find you (the only girl there without vomit in her hair) and be all, "wow you are so beautiful and I think I'm falling in love" and then he'd sleep with you and never call you. TELL ME I'M WRONG.

Aww, Bucky I have nothing against you. You share a name with one of my favorite friends! But seriously, the fact that there is another dude out there that shares the exact same face creeps me out a little bit. For some reason I start thinking about X-Files.

Chris. Oh Chris! You had me at "put my music career on hold to marry the woman I love and adopt and raise her two kids from another man." And then you sang CREED.

Elliot, I have nothing bad to say about you! I mean once you have a little time and cash I'm sure you'll get those teeth fixed. And now that I think about it, I think you are a very underrated performer. You've got this whole Justin Timbalake thing going on and me likey. Now that I think about it... Elliot might just win this thing.

Oh Katharine. OOOOOH Katharine. I realize her song wasn't the best on Tuesday (she sang "The Voice Within" originally sung by Christina Aguilera) but come on... she sounded pretty darn good! I mean Christina is amazing, so there's really no topping that, but she was pretty good. Next week is Country... come ON Katharine, do it up!! She should sing, "Broken Wing" by Martina McBride... although I'm pretty sure Carrie Underwood sang that last year. Oh my god, I'm such a nerd.

Here's the thing about Kellie. If I met her in real life I'd probably like her. She seems nice and, assuming I met her before the show got to her and effed her all up, I'm pretty sure I'd be like 'mmmkay, not my favorite person but she's an ok gal.' But here's the other thing. She sang SUDS IN THE BUCKET.

I'm on the fence with this one. She kinda lost me last night with her Jesus song. But I really honestly think anyone who can break through the tiny young cute mold on a national television show deserves respect. Especially with all the effed up girls there are out there when it comes to weight. But honestly, she should not wear those pants she wore last night. The girl looked about 10 times bigger than she probably is. And now I feel like shit for saying that. And another thing, I had a long conversation with my friend Colleen about this over dinner.... would America love her as much if she wasn't that big? She's completely non-threatening... as is Pickler (because of her moron thing) and I honestly think that's why America likes them. Thoughts?

I think Paris is INSANELY talented and she's only 17. But not my favorite. I'm not sure what will get this girl kicked off the show so I think she's a strong contender.

Taylor sometimes looks like he's mildly retarded when he's singing and like he has to poop. But other than that he's great!

So there you have it. The only American Idol opinions that matter. If you don't agree with me, beat it.

Also, I'd like to start a new tradition at the end of my posts where I post the songs I'm freedying at the moment. (I don't want that slang to die out!)

Freedying: Ya Mama by Pharcyde

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some Quick Observations

Observations, by Glennis McMurray

1. What's the deal with airline food?

2. Does anyone else think Barry Manilow looks like a fully grown Progeria baby?

3. I need to cut my bangs!!

4. NY1 reporter Roger Clark is my favorite reporter ever. He has to report on stuff like the Transit Strike and Roller Derby girls not having a place to skate and he's always super sarcastic about it. I LOVE IT.

5. I can't stand the commercial for some car company where 4 woman are trying to be very "Sex & The City" while having brunch. Do you know which one I'm talking about? It drives me nuts every time it comes on!!

Woman 1: He takes me to the theatre.
Woman 2: And you LOVE the theatre.
Woman 3: He takes me to the airport.
Woman 4: That's huge!
Woman 2: Sometimes he just takes me home at night and jerks off in the corner to pictures of Roger Clark.
Woman 3: Oooooh guuurl. (everyone laughs)
Woman 4: Fart

I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL. The part that gets me is the "oooh gurl." BARF BARF BARF (see, everyone loves Roger Clark!)

6. I just had the funniest memory of my friend Maggie Kemper doing a short film where we thought the world was going to end and her character didn't want to die with hairy legs so she shaved them (in the dark) and cut herself about a thousand times. SO FUNNY!!

7. I looked for that kid this morning to buy him breakfast but he wasn't around. Maybe I embarassed him.

8. My boss is taking a car service to a luncheon today from 42nd and Lex to 45th and Broadway. The car service will cost around $60.

9. Have you seen those commercials where that kinda creepy woman talks to you about "your unsightly belly fat caused by stress" and how Cortisol can help you? Yeah I never believed it either. But check this article out. Maybe I'ma get me somma dat!

10. The winner of the "name it get a dollar" contest has been decided. And the winner is...... drum rollllllllllllll.....da da da da daaaaa.... LIZ BLACK! Yes, Liz is the winner of One Dollar (and no cents) for her suggestion of "The Sugar Beats" for my DJ crew name. Thanks Lizard!

Have a great day everyone. Help a homeless person. (I'm going to volunteer in a soup kitchen so if you're interested in joining me, lemme know, yo.)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Big Old Softie

So as I walk around NY, I often see homeless people and if I have $ to give them, I usually do. Not always, but usually. (Unless I'm berating them for crusifying lesbians on the 7 train... right Gregor?)

I often walk through the underpass by Bryant Park that goes from 6th to 5th Avenue and, when doing so, have often seen a really young kid (probably no more than 21) sitting looking really sad with a sign that says "Hungry."

Now I usually give him a few bucks. I have an especially soft spot for young people and old people. Really any people on the street. In my mind they're not doind this by choice. In my mind they appreciate every little dollar. In my mind they aren't hooked on drugs and if they are, it's not their fault. And if I can do something to help, then I'll try.

So does this make me a big old dum dum? And if it does, does it matter??

So this kid...his name is David. I saw him again this morning on my way to get a $3 cup of Starbucks. The last time I saw him I didn't have any $ to give him but in my head I said, "the next time I see him I'm going to buy him some food and see what his deal is." So I did. I got him a piece of banana bread from starbucks and I stopped and gave it to him and said, "hey." He kinda looked up and was shocked that someone was talking. He said hi back. I said, "so what's going on? Do you need something more than food right now? I mean, I know you do, but something immediate? That I can help you with?" He said he was looking for a job. Now listen I KNOW, that's what I would say too. I put myself in his shoes and I said, "what would I say if some naive looking blonde came over to me and offered to help." I think I'd say I was looking for a job. He said he had an interview at starbucks last week. Well, that's good. I said, "do you have somewhere to live?" and he said he sleeps in front of the Times Square Church.

I should also mention that as walking down to the 7 train the other week I saw him. A bunch of Police Officers in training, around 5 of them, where walking a few feet in front of me. They saw him and his "hungry" sign and started cracking jokes, "THEN EAT MAN! HUR HUR HUR!!" "Yeah, go get some food!" Wow, hilarious. Future NY's finest cops. I'm proud.

Guys, this kills me. Especially after seeing Oprah (see, I really am a big old dumb softie) where she covered the homeless situation in America and said a HUGE percentage of us are about 2 paychecks away from living far below the poverty level or actually becoming homeless. And once something bad happens you really only have one chance. Think about it. You are living paycheck to paycheck and you lose your job and all the sudden you have bills to pay that are already overdue and mouths the feed and before you know it you're out on your ass because you have no family to fall back on.

No this would not happen to me because I know I have family that would take me in.

But what if I didn't?

Can you imagine?

So anyway, I'm writing this because I want to get feedback. What should I do for this kid? What CAN I do for this kid? And if you have a soft spot like me, he sleeps in front of the Times Square Church so if you eat in that area and have leftovers I'm sure he or someone over there wants them.

Also, this isn't so relevant now that the weather is warming up... but in the winter if you see someone on the street and it's way too cold for them to be out there you can call the Bowery Residence and they will pick them up and take them to where it's warm. 212-533-5151 (thanks Terry)


Thursday, March 23, 2006


This story about a girl found after 10 years is amazing!

Well it's finally happened people. Kelly Pickler has broken the camels back. She is officially out of the hearts of America (me) and there is no turning back. NONE, you HEAR ME!!?

Last night on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest was going over what the judges had said about each performer the night before after they performed. He got to Kelly and said, "Simon said you were Ballsy and Bold" (or something like that) and Kelly goes, "huh!? What's a BALLSY??"

Not even the audience was on board with that one.

The night before she had said again "what's a Mink?" after they repeated that Simon had called her a, "naughty little MINX." She goes, "I thought you were calling me a jacket!"

So you know what a Mink Jacket is but not a Naught Little Minx and not Salmon? AND NOT BALLSY???


God I'm sorry people, I don't know why this gets me so riled up!?! But it really does! I want to bust her in the nose! GAAAH!

In other news.

Hmmm... is there other news?

No there is not. The only news is that I can't stand Kelly Pickler and her stupid act.

I am not saying I hate dumb people. I know and love a lot of dumb people. MYSELF! Haha, no seriously I kid. If I thought for a second she was sincere I would probably be on the Pickler bandwagon. But I don't. And neither should you. WHY DOES THIS EVEN MATTER?!?! I need to do something serious before I completely lose my mind. Table tennis anyone?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I don't feel like a full post so I will summarize:

V for Vendeta - A for Awesome
Punkrope - FUN-krope (and it was really hard but SO FUN.
American Idol - Katherine you are A for Amazing (can I use that again?)
NY Lotto - Finally saw my commercial during American Idol. I look RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY AND SCARY! I hope your babies don't see it. They might cry.
Trader Joe's - a bit anxiety inducing (long lines, so many choices, LONG LINES) but thank god I had Liz with me and she talked me down. I got 3 frozen meals, tofuti cuties, microwave oatmeal, cereal, large thing of milk and rice for $22. I know, great shopping list. I WAS ANXIOUS!
Keihl's - they give you FREE SAMPLES! Of whatever you want!
Working out - is going really well. Oh my new goal is to be on the cover of some fitness magazine. Why are you laughing.

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Name it, Get a Dollar

I need a name for my DJ crew. Three girls, we're all super super SUPER HOT, we're going to wear crazy costumes and be crazy like Courtney Love without the coke, we're going to play everything under the sun as long as it makes you dance, and also we're SUPER HOT.

So what should our DJ Crew name be? This will go on flyers, our website, t-shirts, tattoos, people will probably name their babies after us when they get so hot from dancing they MUSTHAVESEXRIGHTNOWSCREWTHECONDOMS!!!

So this is very important.

My DJ Name is still DJ Sassy Mollassy. One of the girls is DJ Ditzy Do. And the other is yet to be named.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

(Keep in mind we don't take ourselves seriously so nothing like DJ Spinners or Phat DJs or Happening DJ Party. Actually I like that last one.)

Thanks, my loves!

Oh also, whoever wins gets a dollar.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You heard it here first

I'm going to go on record and say Katharine McPhee is going to win American Idol.

What can I say. I'm obsessed.

(with the shoooooooow)

Special girl, real good girl

Here I am sitting at work at 8:32:05 am, wondering what to write about. Two things caught my attention this morning. First the ride up in the elevator when a young girl of my "type" in corporate garb was blasting 'Vivrant Thing' by Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest fame) which is one of my all time favorite songs that I could listen to over and over and never get tired of. The beat and rhythm along with Q-Tip's awesome voice keep me dancin back for more. But anywhozelbums.

The song was so loud from her headphones I could hear every word and my initial reaction was to catch her eye and start mouthing the lyrics so we could have an, "I feel you sister, we're in the saaaaaame corporate boat to hell. I mean elevator." moment. But then one of the partners in my firm stepped on and my hopes were crushed. I MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY HERE, PEOPLE. (which leads me to my triple life theory which I'll get to in a second) So we ride the elevator up to the 5th floor where my elevator dj gets off. The partner imediatelly turns to me and with utter disgust and judgement in his voice says, "That girl has HEARING ISSUES. People are so incredibly RUDE." I kinda looked down and nervously half-laughed, hoping he hadn't seen the teeny tiny head bops coming from my corner of the box. WHY DO I EVEN CARE. I don't know, but I do. I mean, really... what's he going to do. Come tell my boss that I was enjoying someone else's music? What a terrible thing. (A terrible. A terrible thing.)

Ok so now my triple life theory. I lead three lives. The life at work. The life outside of work. And the life in front of my therapist. The lift at work is super serious, very boring, scheduled, regimented. The life outside of work is sometimes harried, fun, crazy, sleepy, eaty, good. The life in front of my therapist is a mix of both. Let's get down to business and work this shit out without the super-serious work mode in place. Also, everyone should be going to a therapist. AMAZING. Did you know it's not just for crazy people? It's for New Yorkers.

One more thing I was thinking about this morning: Gretchen Mol. What happened to that girl? She was all set to be the hot new girl when she starred in Rounders in 1998 and then she kind of dropped off the map. Right? I mean she did a bunch of movies and has been working since then but really nothing too big (aside from "The Shape of Things" which I never saw... was it good?). Anyway, so now she's starring in "The Notorious Betty Page" which I'm pretty excited for. Hoping it will be great. I think she's a great actress... but again I'm remembering from way back in 98 so I guess I could be wrong? I don't like a lot of things I liked in 98.

Luis, it's not 98 any more. Get to steppin.

Oh god wait, I have to talk about something else. Kellie Pickler (American Idol, people... watch it).

The girl drives me up the WALL. Listen, I know America loves her and she's adorable and yes I agree she IS adorable at times. At first I loved her! But come on. The whole act is really driving me nuts because that's just what it is. I'm sure the girl mistakenly said something that sounded cute and ditzy and the producers were like "do MORE OF THAT!!!!" So now she's workin the whole Jessica Simpson thing.

"I had a new food today. Calamari!" (ok fine, I can see someone not having had that before. I had never had it before I moved to NY.)

"I had a new food today. Today I ate SaLmon." (You're from the country and you don't know that the L in salmon is silent? Don't Salmon COME FROM THE COUNTRY??? Also, you have a southern accent... the "L" would be less pronounced.)

"I have new eyelashes today!! They feel like spiders!" (referring to her fake eyelashes) Ryan Seacrest, "don't you have arachnaphobia?" Kelly, "yes! i am afraid of insects! isn't that what that is? hehehe!!!" (OH MY GODDDDDDDD.)

(After Simon calls her a 'Naughty Little Minx') "I'm a Whuut? I'm a Mink! Yee Haw!" (Ok she didn't yee haw. But god damn the girl is driving me BANANAS!!!!)

I just told my friend Brittany that she reminds me of her. NOT in those ways but in her manerisms. So if you read this Britt, that's what I meant.

Aaaaand I feel better.

It's hard out here for a pimp.
It's hard to walk with a limp.
This sauce is hot on my shrimp.
Shirley Temple was known for her dimp.
I feel like I work for a chimp.
In the 80's my hair I would crimp.
That big girl looks like a blimp.
When I get paid I won't have to scrimp.
I said it's hard out here for a pimp.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lights, Camera...Extraction!

Good morning lovelies!

Hope you had a better weekend than I. Actually, my weekend wasn't that bad, just a lot of time spent in bed desperately trying not to get sicker than I already was for fear of not having a great final show (I Eat Pandas, yes indeed our Under St. Marks run is over). I did, however, feel well enough to venture out on Friday for my 2nd facial of all time.

I received a gift certificate from my bossyboss for Christmas from Bliss. I love Bliss but their prices are just so very bananas it takes a lot for me to actually go there. Like a gift certificate.

Well can I just tell you, the facial was amazing. I need to get those more often. Not only because they are amazing and relaxing (and oh the amazing smells! so freaking great!) but because when the facialologist or whatever you call them said to me "we're going to be doing a LOT of extraction" I thought, "hey no problem" but when said extractions were actually perFORMED I realized just how BADLY I need to get facials. It was like... well someone squeezing shit out of your pores. I'm sure you can imagine how that feels. Now multiply that by 1,000 and that's what I went through. Holy christ. But honestly I'm on a mission for clear skin. And by that I mean CLEAR. Meaning I don't have to wear makeup if I don't want to. So these facials (the basic facial is $100) will have to become more of a staple in my life. I'm going to start saving up for them. I need to start pampering myself more, after all. So if anyone wants to join me for a day at the spa, let me know.

Also, just to show how seldom I go to the spa... when I got there and they gave me my own robe and flippyflops I was SO EXCITED. I get really excited by robes. Even if I don't get to keep them. The thought of robes in a hotel room gives me goose bumps.

Unfortch, the steam room wasn't working that day so I couldn't use that. But I did: Eat their food, drink their water, drink their tea, use their shower, pee in their toilet and use three of their towels. I think I got my (boss') moneys worth.

Lynn, this post was specifically for you because if you do in fact want to get a facial, Bliss is great. They massage your shoulders while your face steams and I got a special seaweed mask and while that was setting she massaged my feet. I mean, come on. It's the best.

Also, did I mention the robe?!?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Like Nun Other

My lovely readers I would like to introduce you to my friend Maria's blog. Maria has a song in her heart and an eye for good comedy. Maria is also a nun. You might be thinking, "what does a nun know about comedy?!" Oh... only EVERYTHING. (That's literally the only comeback I can think of right now I'm so tired)

Don't believe me? Read for yourself.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Air it out laundry style

Because I am 1) lazy and 2) somewhat busy and 3) really lazy, I decided that I don't want to do my own laundry anymore. Especially because "clothes mountain" was starting to look like "clothes mountain: the ride" with little cockroaches riding in socks down the side with their 6 legs raised in the air. weeee!

So I decided to take it to the cleaners. Now I really truly hate takin my clothes to the cleaners. I have a fear that 1) my clothes will be ruined, 2) my dirty laundry (read: my poopie-stained panties) will be photographed and put on the internet (poop two days in a row people, this is content!) and/or 3) my clothes will all mysteriously "vanish" (read: will be sold on the clothing black market known as "the laundro-person's closet"). But this week clothes mountain was just too daunting and, as I said before, I was just too lazy.

The bag of clothing? Well yes, it was heavy. But I didn't realize HOW heavy because my wonderful awesome boyfriend carried it to the cleaners for me. I guess $30 does seem like a lot to pay for laundry... but eh. Who cares. Just relax and let them do their job. This is, after all, what they DO FOR A LIVING (that is in upper case because it's foreshadowing).

So this morning I go to pick up my freshly cleaned laundry with a smile on my face and a spring in my step and no socks or underwear on. I bound up the steps, and push open the door, the fresh scent of Tide mixed with pride tingled my nostrils. "Good morning! Here to pick up!!" I handed the wrinkled old woman by the dryer my ticket.

Dum deee dum. What a lovely morning! Laa dee dooo.


Wha... but... i thought... but i was super bus... but...

The old wrinkled woman berated me for having TOO MUCH LAUNDRY.


Well I didn't think so but apparently there is.

I was so embarrassed you guys! I paid her and even tipped her cuz I felt bad and I was SO EMBARRASSED and felt like such a slob. I looked at all the other teeny tiny miniscule bags of laundry awaiting pick up. Teeny weeny bags with teeny weeny clothes with no poopie stains on the panties (but honestly, it's not real poop, it's from my clothing line). Sigh.

I walked out with my HUGE ENORMOUS ELEPHANTITOUS BAG OF LAUNDRY and teeny tiny mouse tears in my eyes.

No not really but damn, what the hell??

Oh and to top it off, I'm telling the story to my boyfriend (he used to use the same place) and he's all, "that's really weird! she never said a word to me. all smiles!"

Seriously though you guys. What the hell??

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just a day in the life

First, the woman who job shares with me taped a fortune from a cookie to our file separator that says "you are never bitter, deceptive or petty." with smiley faces surrounding it. Now, my first thought was, "is this her way of telling me I AM those things?" I quickly dismissed that thought. Now if it had read, "you never leave work for me and you always remember to email me about what's been going on while you were in the office so i'm caught up when i come in on Friday" then I would have worried.

Second, I am not a believer in the meat on the street diet. I've never partaken in it but have always wanted to because DAMN that meat smells good. But I always knew as soon as I did I'd be the unlucky one who got food poisoning and diarrhea (or as I like to call it, butt water). But then I saw Rachel Ray on Ops and she convinced me that yes, street meat was a great eat AND a great deal. (Thanks Liz!) So I just ate it. I will keep you updated on the consistency of my pooh pooh.


And third, I read this articleabout a family in Turkey who walks around on all fours and honestly, I started to get freaked out. It really scares me to have people walk around like that. Remember that movie Return to OZ? Remember those FREAKY dudes who had wheels for hands? God that scared the SHIT out of me! So this makes me think of that and, I know this is terrible, but they are also mentally handicapped (although the article calls them "retarded"... is that an ok term to use these days??) and that makes it even weirder and scarier. Ok I am terrible. I know. But I guess my point is I have to see this documentary.

Because I love scary movies.


I sound like the most red necky hick American ever in this post, don't I.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So for those of you semi interested in my life (and really why wouldn't you be... you do in fact become a glesbian the second you click on my blog) I have a few updates!

Well first of all I just found out I booked a NY Lotto commercial where I play a shiny little star in the sky with a bad attitude. Shoots on Friday and it is really funny! I'm so excited! I get to dress as a star! (which will, I'm sure, be terribly hot and uncomfortable)

And also, recently I did a commercial demo for a new gum called Stride from the makers of Trident. That was a fun time... that won't be on tv (and the NY Lotto one will, duhvs, only be in NY) but it was really funny and fun.

ALSO, I did a reading of a part in the new Tina Fey pilot the other day. I did it only because the girl who was actually cast in the part couldn't make it back from LA for the reading. But get this... I'm at a table with Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin! I have one word for you about Alec... CHARM. ING. Dang. And funny! But anyway that was so amazing (so amazing that I spaced out after and left my atm card in the machine) and the casting director who got me THAT called yesterday to call me in for a new pilot she's casting called "6 degrees."

When it rains it pours!

Also, you should come see I Eat Pandas still. Two more shows left! Travis is moving away to DC you guys so this might be your last chance to see us in NY.

:( booo

Ok that was fun.




Ok I have something to post about but first... dude this is MC HAMMER'S BLOG. Ha! It looks like it's the real thing.

Ok so anyway, on to my post.

So the other day I'm watching Oprah (duh) and she has a show about "faces behind the most famous brands." Her first guest on is Marc Jacobs. Marc has his own clothing line (of the same name) but is also the creative head behind Louis Vuiton. So Ops is Rrrrraving about this new LV bag she has (which was so freaking awesome even though I hate the look of LV) and at one point the producer or whoever brings it out for her to show off to the audience. So I'm like "wow, nice bag!" and then for a second I was like, "wait... was that a milk stain on her Louis bag?" so I kept watching and sure enough there was a little splat of something on the bottom corner of the bag. So that's weird right? Cuz this is Oprah and, well, she's Oprah. But then she goes on to say "I don't even put that much in this bag because I want to take SUCH GOOD CARE OF IT."

So that was just weird to me. Did Marc see? Did the audience? I mean come on, first row must have seen if I saw. I'm sure I'm the only one who saw it and/or cared. I live such a dull life.

But seriously, come on Opsies.

Also, this blog is amazing. Just click, it's all pictures. Amazing.


Your dog G