Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some Quick Observations

Observations, by Glennis McMurray

1. What's the deal with airline food?

2. Does anyone else think Barry Manilow looks like a fully grown Progeria baby?

3. I need to cut my bangs!!

4. NY1 reporter Roger Clark is my favorite reporter ever. He has to report on stuff like the Transit Strike and Roller Derby girls not having a place to skate and he's always super sarcastic about it. I LOVE IT.

5. I can't stand the commercial for some car company where 4 woman are trying to be very "Sex & The City" while having brunch. Do you know which one I'm talking about? It drives me nuts every time it comes on!!

Woman 1: He takes me to the theatre.
Woman 2: And you LOVE the theatre.
Woman 3: He takes me to the airport.
Woman 4: That's huge!
Woman 2: Sometimes he just takes me home at night and jerks off in the corner to pictures of Roger Clark.
Woman 3: Oooooh guuurl. (everyone laughs)
Woman 4: Fart

I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL. The part that gets me is the "oooh gurl." BARF BARF BARF (see, everyone loves Roger Clark!)

6. I just had the funniest memory of my friend Maggie Kemper doing a short film where we thought the world was going to end and her character didn't want to die with hairy legs so she shaved them (in the dark) and cut herself about a thousand times. SO FUNNY!!

7. I looked for that kid this morning to buy him breakfast but he wasn't around. Maybe I embarassed him.

8. My boss is taking a car service to a luncheon today from 42nd and Lex to 45th and Broadway. The car service will cost around $60.

9. Have you seen those commercials where that kinda creepy woman talks to you about "your unsightly belly fat caused by stress" and how Cortisol can help you? Yeah I never believed it either. But check this article out. Maybe I'ma get me somma dat!

10. The winner of the "name it get a dollar" contest has been decided. And the winner is...... drum rollllllllllllll.....da da da da daaaaa.... LIZ BLACK! Yes, Liz is the winner of One Dollar (and no cents) for her suggestion of "The Sugar Beats" for my DJ crew name. Thanks Lizard!

Have a great day everyone. Help a homeless person. (I'm going to volunteer in a soup kitchen so if you're interested in joining me, lemme know, yo.)



Megan said...

i am in love with roger clark, too! he is the king of awkward self-deprecation, and his lack of professionalism is very charming.

AND i have been loathing that "oh guurl" car commercial, too! i am convinced that that actress improvised that line to sound sassy, and the director made the very very poor choice to keep it in. don't you think?

Glennis said...

you are nothing but RIGHT about her improvising that line. Know what's not right? Everything about that commercial.

We should start a Roger Clark fan site!

I love when instead of answering Pat Kiernan (morning anchor) he continues with whatever bit he's doing that includes facial expressions.
<3 <3 <3!

Anonymous said...

I'm still cringing from just reading about Maggie cutting herself shaving. I've read another half a blog post and it's still there. Oh man. Maybe you should save that for the end next time. That way I can congratulate you on the name rather than thinking about actual beets being shaven (because that'd be bloody, too).

I know, I'm insane.

Glennis said...

Oh my goodness Molly you darlingness, she did not REALLY cut herself. We used catsup. CATSUP! haha

And the reason the lights were off was because it was a blackout.

Ok cleared up!

Oh and Jeff Hiller was naked.

Anonymous said...

Glennis, I'm only your sister's 'teammate', but I had say something here and declare my love and infatulation for Roger Clark which have been boiling inside me for the past several years - o, his awkward banter with Pat Kiernan (whom I also adore), the way he can't ever finish a report on a comfortable note, the way Pat Kiernan moves on with half-lovingly saying, "Thanks, Roger"...If you ever start his fan site, will you please include some slash art of Pat and Roger?? Takashi
p.s. I still sometimes crack up thinking of your performance of 'pandas'.

Glennis said...

Wow! Hey Takashi! Who even knew there were so many Roger Clark fans out there! I also love the way you can tell Pat gets a kick out of his awkward sign-offs.

Thanks for the Panda compliment too : )


Anonymous said...

Heya - I do now occasionally read your blog, so I guess I'm a glesbian...I've just found Roger's extensive web report on the city of Tokyo -

Uhm, excuse me? How come nobody told me about this? I could've been Roger's 24-hour interpreter who skillfully translates his indeering awkwardness into Japanese...

Glennis said...

Ack! Talk about a missed boat! Next time, next time.

Maybe I need to make "I <3 RC" t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to sign my name above - takashi

Anonymous said...

I know it was fake, but it was real in my head. Like when this guy in my dance class told me he has to do a scene where he breaks a bottle and holds it up to another guy's throat and there's blood. He just described it and I was skeeved out. Okay, so maybe I'm a bit squeamish.


Anonymous said...

Ok, ok. It is a little weird that everyone loves Roger Clark. I have been thinking this for quite sometime but for some reason this morning I thought, "Way to end a segment Roger." It was almost.... poetic today. And I am a straight dude. That is cross over appeal!!! And the Cortisol thing. I have had a problem with that one for a while. the way the spell everything out on the screen as they say it. It's good to know that other people out there watch too much TV and have developed opinions about it.


Anonymous said...

omg, did i spell 'infatulation' ealier? that sounds nasty! I must've been thinking of that 'oh guuurl' commercial. takashi