Thursday, March 23, 2006


This story about a girl found after 10 years is amazing!

Well it's finally happened people. Kelly Pickler has broken the camels back. She is officially out of the hearts of America (me) and there is no turning back. NONE, you HEAR ME!!?

Last night on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest was going over what the judges had said about each performer the night before after they performed. He got to Kelly and said, "Simon said you were Ballsy and Bold" (or something like that) and Kelly goes, "huh!? What's a BALLSY??"

Not even the audience was on board with that one.

The night before she had said again "what's a Mink?" after they repeated that Simon had called her a, "naughty little MINX." She goes, "I thought you were calling me a jacket!"

So you know what a Mink Jacket is but not a Naught Little Minx and not Salmon? AND NOT BALLSY???


God I'm sorry people, I don't know why this gets me so riled up!?! But it really does! I want to bust her in the nose! GAAAH!

In other news.

Hmmm... is there other news?

No there is not. The only news is that I can't stand Kelly Pickler and her stupid act.

I am not saying I hate dumb people. I know and love a lot of dumb people. MYSELF! Haha, no seriously I kid. If I thought for a second she was sincere I would probably be on the Pickler bandwagon. But I don't. And neither should you. WHY DOES THIS EVEN MATTER?!?! I need to do something serious before I completely lose my mind. Table tennis anyone?

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