Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I don't feel like a full post so I will summarize:

V for Vendeta - A for Awesome
Punkrope - FUN-krope (and HARD-k...rope...um... it was really hard but SO FUN. www.punkrope.com)
American Idol - Katherine you are A for Amazing (can I use that again?)
NY Lotto - Finally saw my commercial during American Idol. I look RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY AND SCARY! I hope your babies don't see it. They might cry.
Trader Joe's - a bit anxiety inducing (long lines, so many choices, LONG LINES) but thank god I had Liz with me and she talked me down. I got 3 frozen meals, tofuti cuties, microwave oatmeal, cereal, large thing of milk and rice for $22. I know, great shopping list. I WAS ANXIOUS!
Keihl's - they give you FREE SAMPLES! Of whatever you want!
Working out - is going really well. Oh my new goal is to be on the cover of some fitness magazine. Why are you laughing.

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

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