Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So for those of you semi interested in my life (and really why wouldn't you be... you do in fact become a glesbian the second you click on my blog) I have a few updates!

Well first of all I just found out I booked a NY Lotto commercial where I play a shiny little star in the sky with a bad attitude. Shoots on Friday and it is really funny! I'm so excited! I get to dress as a star! (which will, I'm sure, be terribly hot and uncomfortable)

And also, recently I did a commercial demo for a new gum called Stride from the makers of Trident. That was a fun time... that won't be on tv (and the NY Lotto one will, duhvs, only be in NY) but it was really funny and fun.

ALSO, I did a reading of a part in the new Tina Fey pilot the other day. I did it only because the girl who was actually cast in the part couldn't make it back from LA for the reading. But get this... I'm at a table with Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin! I have one word for you about Alec... CHARM. ING. Dang. And funny! But anyway that was so amazing (so amazing that I spaced out after and left my atm card in the machine) and the casting director who got me THAT called yesterday to call me in for a new pilot she's casting called "6 degrees."

When it rains it pours!

Also, you should come see I Eat Pandas still. Two more shows left! Travis is moving away to DC you guys so this might be your last chance to see us in NY.

:( booo

Ok that was fun.



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Jeffrey Marx said...

"6 degrees" hmmm...I hope there isn't any "seperation" involved.

So glad to hear good things! I didn't realize I was a Glesbian until just now. Thanks for helping me out of the closet.