Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok I have something to post about but first... dude this is MC HAMMER'S BLOG. Ha! It looks like it's the real thing.

Ok so anyway, on to my post.

So the other day I'm watching Oprah (duh) and she has a show about "faces behind the most famous brands." Her first guest on is Marc Jacobs. Marc has his own clothing line (of the same name) but is also the creative head behind Louis Vuiton. So Ops is Rrrrraving about this new LV bag she has (which was so freaking awesome even though I hate the look of LV) and at one point the producer or whoever brings it out for her to show off to the audience. So I'm like "wow, nice bag!" and then for a second I was like, "wait... was that a milk stain on her Louis bag?" so I kept watching and sure enough there was a little splat of something on the bottom corner of the bag. So that's weird right? Cuz this is Oprah and, well, she's Oprah. But then she goes on to say "I don't even put that much in this bag because I want to take SUCH GOOD CARE OF IT."

So that was just weird to me. Did Marc see? Did the audience? I mean come on, first row must have seen if I saw. I'm sure I'm the only one who saw it and/or cared. I live such a dull life.

But seriously, come on Opsies.

Also, this blog is amazing. Just click, it's all pictures. Amazing.


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