Thursday, January 21, 2010


You know what's awesome? The show Taboo on NGC. You know what's not awesome? Watching the Taboo episode about lepers while you eat your breakfast foods. Had to save that one for later, folks. WOW, that was graphic.

That's all for today. I have to choreograph and dance routine to "9 to 5" for Dream Role on January 27th (9pm, 92Y Tribeca, Tickets here).

Oh! Would you like to see me do some stand up? Great! Come to Beauty Bar this Sunday night where I'll be on Jesse Popp and Vince Averill's show at 9pm. Talk about a good time... I love those boys and I love their show. See you there! (Oh yeah and it's free AND you can get a manicure IN THE BAR after. I'm writing that for all you new 21 year olds out there who read my blog and have not yet experienced this greatness.)



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poor Blarg!

This poor, poor blarg has been all but abandoned! I hardly think one tiny post about how awesome Toni Collette and her awesome dress are counts as blarging. I am ashamed. Truly ashamed. I've probably lost all my readership and, well, that's what counts right? That's what mommy told me growing up... eat your beets, don't touch wieners and keep a consistent blog. Jesus! I haven't heeded any of her advice at all!! That's OK though because wieners are awesome and beets make your poop red. And blogging? What about blogging?

A few of those beets look like wieners. Killing two birds!

Well, kids, blogging was super-fun when I had an office job and I sat there in a foggy haze of sadness and desperation. I looked forward to it amidst my humdrum day full of binders and toner. But, honestly, I look back on those blog posts and they're pretty damn funny. So it was all worthwhile. I guess.

My point is I want to start blogging again and so I'm going to. Do I have better things to do with my time? Sure. I mean right now I need to write 10-minutes worth of material on "resolutions" for my show tonight (Supercream Supreme at Legion Bar) and write all our guests their own theme song.

GUESS WHICH GIRL LIKES TO PUT TOO MUCH ON HER PLATE!!? This girl! (Literally and figuratively. Pass the taters.)

And so, dear reader, if you're out there. This is a promise to you and myself that I will indeed start blogging more. And eating more beets. And touching more wieners. Why not make 2010 GREAT?

Love you. Really I do.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 04, 2010


The wonderful Jacki Schklar runs, which has just been revamped, and guess who their first interview of the year was? Little old me! I'm honored to help represent positive females in comedy. And fart jokes. Check out my interview by the equally lovely Gabriella Giarrano. (Photo by Elizabeth Griffin)

Happy New Year!!