Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lights, Camera...Extraction!

Good morning lovelies!

Hope you had a better weekend than I. Actually, my weekend wasn't that bad, just a lot of time spent in bed desperately trying not to get sicker than I already was for fear of not having a great final show (I Eat Pandas, yes indeed our Under St. Marks run is over). I did, however, feel well enough to venture out on Friday for my 2nd facial of all time.

I received a gift certificate from my bossyboss for Christmas from Bliss. I love Bliss but their prices are just so very bananas it takes a lot for me to actually go there. Like a gift certificate.

Well can I just tell you, the facial was amazing. I need to get those more often. Not only because they are amazing and relaxing (and oh the amazing smells! so freaking great!) but because when the facialologist or whatever you call them said to me "we're going to be doing a LOT of extraction" I thought, "hey no problem" but when said extractions were actually perFORMED I realized just how BADLY I need to get facials. It was like... well someone squeezing shit out of your pores. I'm sure you can imagine how that feels. Now multiply that by 1,000 and that's what I went through. Holy christ. But honestly I'm on a mission for clear skin. And by that I mean CLEAR. Meaning I don't have to wear makeup if I don't want to. So these facials (the basic facial is $100) will have to become more of a staple in my life. I'm going to start saving up for them. I need to start pampering myself more, after all. So if anyone wants to join me for a day at the spa, let me know.

Also, just to show how seldom I go to the spa... when I got there and they gave me my own robe and flippyflops I was SO EXCITED. I get really excited by robes. Even if I don't get to keep them. The thought of robes in a hotel room gives me goose bumps.

Unfortch, the steam room wasn't working that day so I couldn't use that. But I did: Eat their food, drink their water, drink their tea, use their shower, pee in their toilet and use three of their towels. I think I got my (boss') moneys worth.

Lynn, this post was specifically for you because if you do in fact want to get a facial, Bliss is great. They massage your shoulders while your face steams and I got a special seaweed mask and while that was setting she massaged my feet. I mean, come on. It's the best.

Also, did I mention the robe?!?

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