Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just a day in the life

First, the woman who job shares with me taped a fortune from a cookie to our file separator that says "you are never bitter, deceptive or petty." with smiley faces surrounding it. Now, my first thought was, "is this her way of telling me I AM those things?" I quickly dismissed that thought. Now if it had read, "you never leave work for me and you always remember to email me about what's been going on while you were in the office so i'm caught up when i come in on Friday" then I would have worried.

Second, I am not a believer in the meat on the street diet. I've never partaken in it but have always wanted to because DAMN that meat smells good. But I always knew as soon as I did I'd be the unlucky one who got food poisoning and diarrhea (or as I like to call it, butt water). But then I saw Rachel Ray on Ops and she convinced me that yes, street meat was a great eat AND a great deal. (Thanks Liz!) So I just ate it. I will keep you updated on the consistency of my pooh pooh.


And third, I read this articleabout a family in Turkey who walks around on all fours and honestly, I started to get freaked out. It really scares me to have people walk around like that. Remember that movie Return to OZ? Remember those FREAKY dudes who had wheels for hands? God that scared the SHIT out of me! So this makes me think of that and, I know this is terrible, but they are also mentally handicapped (although the article calls them "retarded"... is that an ok term to use these days??) and that makes it even weirder and scarier. Ok I am terrible. I know. But I guess my point is I have to see this documentary.

Because I love scary movies.


I sound like the most red necky hick American ever in this post, don't I.

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AnnieKNodes said...

If you eat enough street meat your intestines become immune to producing butt water.

I love anything that comes on a big toothpick.