Thursday, March 16, 2006

Name it, Get a Dollar

I need a name for my DJ crew. Three girls, we're all super super SUPER HOT, we're going to wear crazy costumes and be crazy like Courtney Love without the coke, we're going to play everything under the sun as long as it makes you dance, and also we're SUPER HOT.

So what should our DJ Crew name be? This will go on flyers, our website, t-shirts, tattoos, people will probably name their babies after us when they get so hot from dancing they MUSTHAVESEXRIGHTNOWSCREWTHECONDOMS!!!

So this is very important.

My DJ Name is still DJ Sassy Mollassy. One of the girls is DJ Ditzy Do. And the other is yet to be named.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

(Keep in mind we don't take ourselves seriously so nothing like DJ Spinners or Phat DJs or Happening DJ Party. Actually I like that last one.)

Thanks, my loves!

Oh also, whoever wins gets a dollar.


Snow White said...

Well, since DJ Sparkle Planet is taken...what about these:

DJ Cha Cha
DJ Pretty Polly
DJ Disco Duck
DJ Boo Berry
DJ Magic Lasso
DJ Decolletage

Carrie said...

Well, I think 'Full House DJ' or maybe The J-Birds?

DJ KFUNK said...

How about -

DJ Superhot
DJ Threesome
DJ screwthecondoms
DJ Sassy-do-yettobenamed
DJ Pork and Beans

Mrs. Walrus said...

How about "The Hot DJ Club" or "Hot DJs Cubed" or "Super Hot DJ Party" or "The Burnin' Hot Tune Girlz"

Eliza said...

Jamtastic Exxxxtreme?
Freshy LaRue?
Hot Roasted Beats?
Damn, that's Fly Entertainment?
UnhUnh Putitinme?

Lynn said...

3 Live Crew
Ladies Who Lunch
Obese Beat Crew
Crew Cut
The Beatsy Girls
What's Up Everybody It's 3 Hot Ladies Who Drop Beats!!!!

Thank you.

brettuthius said...

DJ's Givin' Up BJ's

DJ Bumpin' Interactive Tasteless Cowgirl Humping Every Second (aka DJ BITCHES)

Sex Fire Arsonists

Bangin' Super Hottie's Gun Control Club

Team Say No to Prophylactics

WhenAntronMetShaniqua said...

DJ Earthquake with your breakout album Tectonic Plates.

Micheal Jordan's Dance Team Edition 2006 (aka Hot Nuts)

DJ Ghandi Raper

Troupe Beverly Mitchell ( The broad from 7th Heaven)