Friday, May 04, 2007


Sometimes I can be a reaaaal stinker, you guys. Sometimes I can be a real jerk! But also, guys, sometimes I can be super hilarious WHILE being a stinker and a jerk and an outright dbag.

Last night I went to see the brilliance that is "Gravid Water" at UCB. My pal Steven Ruddy created this show and I gotta say, guys, it really was awesome. They only do it once a month so go. You must. So anyhooter, after the show we all head to an old haunt of mine called McManus. Yes it's a jaunty old establishment in the heart of Chelsea where I've spent many a night of my youth imbibing pitcher upon pitcher of bud light and feasting upon turkey clubs fit for minimum waged brats. Last night was just like the old days which meant Steven and I plopping ourselves down at a table with a few pitchers and chatting it up. Pretty soon I was drunk. And when I get drunk I like to lie to people. I don't know why but I do.

For Example:

I was standing outside Triple Crown with Eliza and a man walked past. I was drunk. I yelled out to him and his friend "hey! how are you guys doing?" and they stopped to talk to us. I said that my name was Sam. I told them that I worked at the Triple Crown Tuesday and Saturday nights and they should come back and see me. Why did I do this? Because I'm a first class butthead and I love to lie.

So last night we're sitting at the table and I start pouring salt into my water glass. Steven, the perfect side to my kick, didn't say a word when I said, "let's get someone to drink this water." We giggled and looked around the bar but I didn't know anyone in there; it was late and the "normal" people with "responsibilities" and "values" had gone home hours earlier. I thought I'd have to scrap my plan when in through the door walks our old pal Mo.

"Mo!" I shouted. "Come over here!"

I pretended to take a sip of the water, made a fowl face and then said, "this water tastes terrible. Will you taste it?"

Mo looked suspicious prompting Steven to jump in and add, "yeah it tastes weird!"

Mo takes a HUGE GULP of my salty prank water and makes the BEST most hilarious grossed out face ever. I start cracking up a little and he's still with us going, "yeah man this water tastes really bad. where did you get this? you shouldn't drink that." Aw Mo you are the cutest.

Person after person I pranked and it NEVER got old. I even pranked a dude I don't know who kept coming over to Ruddy to quote lines Michael Delaney had said in a Gravid Water show from 2 years ago. Come on, he deserved some salt water in the mouth.

Oh man guys. A real, top notch twat, right?

I guess that's why I woke up with this vicious hangover. You win this time... um... beer. Or wait... salt water. Wait... no wait. God. God won, right? Who the fuck won?


I won because I didn't end up with a mouth full of salt.


Have a great day, lovers.



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Jenmac said...

If you ever place a personal ad or go on a dating website, PLEASE tell the men you are "a first class butthead and I love to lie."