Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hey guys! What's going on??! How the HECK have you been?

All right let's start from the top here. First of all you can hear my voice on tv for reals, y'all. My voice is the voice of "Can You Handle The Truth" Thursdays on Lifetime!


Also, things with Jem & The Holograms are chugging along. We recorded scratch tracks of the music (all original) the other day and it is fan-fucking-tastic. I don't even know if you guys are going to be able to handle it!


Also, my dream is coming true, guys. It's been a dream of mine for like 4 years. You are going to die. Simply DIE! Get this: I get to BARTEND at PLANET ROSE KARAOKE!


I mean I can hardly stand it. I'll let you guys know when it happens so you can come in and serenade me (if you live outside NY why not call in, request a song and sing it over the phone. Holy Bowie this is going to be awesome.

I feel like I've abandoned my poor blog. I need to keep this up so I'll try to be better. It's cathartic. Or something. Oh and I hate American Idol I don't even CARE who wins (seriously) but America's Next Top Model (wanbeontop?) HELL yes I am into that shit. Natasha, right you guys? Hell yes!

And I'll have you all know that in lieu of going out to do drunken karaoke with co-workers right now I am instead eating Lean Cuisine and drinking (gulp) water. I'm gon be FIERCE, y'all.


Oh and bokay is my new favorite word. Let's work that shit.

Have a great day you guys!



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