Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Just Wanna Rock!

You guys, oh my Gooooodness, you guys.

Ok so yesterday my lovely friend Eliza sends me a text message saying, "Ellen is looking for a new DJ! You would be so perfect!!"

Me not being one to argue with people who are RIGHT... I agreed! So I went to her website and all they are looking for is a video saying why you'd be a great DJ, a CD of songs you'd play and a form that you have to fill out. Easy Peezy, busted kneezy!

So I sat long and hard and though, "what would my video be??" My first thought was to have it just be me talking on camera saying how much I love music and showing me going to Dance Dance Party Party & Welcome Back Trotters*. But then I thought, "No. This is ELLEN we're talking about. We've got to impress her!!" So I talked to Liz and we threw around some ideas about me being a "dance therapist" to all my friends. And I loved that idea! And then... it hit me. What is the one thing I, Glennis McMurray, have always really really really wanted to happen.


So I'm going to start the video with me looking at the camera. I'll be glammed up a little bit ("sparkle sprite" as Robyn calls it) and I'll say to the camera: "Ellen, I love music so much that this is what happens to me every day on my way to work." Then I'll put on my headphones, push play on my ipod and Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" starts to play. I start walking down the street and, hey what's that? A few more people! They join me. They might be on their way to work or to the gym, but they stop and join me in my fancy walking. Then... hey! A few more people join! And a few more! And then a LOT MORE! And then, when all the people are walking with me we stop, turn around to the camera and start to do a choreographed dance to the song. (Lifesaver and dancer extraordinaire Robyn is going to choreograph the dance for me!) Then, as the song ends, everyone stops dancing and starts to walk away as if nothing happened. I do too, but I give a little wink to the camera before I go.


Tell me that's not awesome!!!

I was thinking of reproducing that commercial she does where she wakes up dancing to the radio, then in the park running, then at work to someone's cell phone. But I think this is more "me."

OH! And they've only gotten one video in so far and it's this girl. (click here) Pretending to have a British accent and dancing in front of your turntable?? PLEEEEEEASE. Is this the amateur hour??!? (I am avoiding thinking about the fact that other people have actually DJ'd before. I've taken classes but I'm nowhere near qualified!!! Shhhh!)

I'll keep you posted on my quest to be:



Glennis "DJ SASSY MOLLASSY" McMurray

*Welcome Back Trotters is my new running group (who got our awesome name from Liz Black). We wear the same running outfit and run through NY and we sync up our ipods with the same playlist. It's pretty awesome. Email me if you want to join up! We're also doing the Revlon Run/Walk for Women on May 6th. Come one, come all! Ladies AND Gents welcome :)


Sarah said...

You can totally kick that girls ass as a DJ! DDPP has got to be some good training. If I were in NY I'd definitely join ya in the street dancing. Good luck!

-Sarah (from Unexpected Company.....I'm catching up on your blog, it's been a long few months without being able to read your semi-daily antics)

Glennis said...

Hi Sarah!!

OMG thank you. I thought so too but Ellen seemed to like her!

And if you were in NY you could help me with dancing in my video, too!

Thanks for the encouragement!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Glennis...

I love your blog...not just because you watch ny1...

Thanks for the positive feedback though...it's always nice...

Talk to you soon


Glennis said...


Anonymous said...

So did you make the video? Ellen starts taping TOMORROW in NYC ...