Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Situation Comedy

Good morning!!

Hope everyone had a good night. No one stuck on a tram from Roosevelt Island, where they? Hopefully not. Although you'd have a good excuse to call in sick from work. Right guys? Any excuse is a good one.

Reminds me of a website I used to have called with Kirby (of Kirby and Glennis' NY adventures fame. Yes, that one.) We made a website because we both had booooring office jobs (I still do, I think she actually likes her job now.) and all we'd do was IM all day about how much we hated our boring jobs. So we made a website. It featured a brilliant cartoon on the front page with boring tasks such as answering the phone and filing. It was hilarious. Kirby even made this brilliant button you could push when browsing the website that would bring an excel spreadsheet up on your screen just in case your boss showed up mid-browsing. See... Brilliant and Hilarious!

If I remember correctly, we had a section of excuses for calling in sick. Here's what I remember (these have all at one point MAY have been used by someone we know):

1. My laundry was ruined at the cleaners and I have nothing to wear.
2. My friend needs me to help her move out of her apartment. Her boyfriend is really mean and is kicking her out.
3. My bathroom flooded!*
4. My kitchen flooded!*
5. My apartment flooded!*
6. My grandmother died.
7. I slipped in the bathroom on the wet floor and hit my head. Who am I??
8. I got locked out of my apartment while getting a coffee and I still have my pj's on.

*Do not use these within a 12 month period of each other.

God, I know there are more. I mean I could post really out there ones but honestly these have all been used. Not by me. NOT BY ME YOU GUYS.

So anyway, the website was fun and we loved it and we wanted people to look at it so one day, on my day off, I sent out an email to my contact list in Yahoo that said, "hey everyone! because I'm so bored at my booooring job and have so much free time on my hands I go to this website and you should too. Because my job is a JOKE." Fun, right?

Yeah, I accidentally sent that TO MY BOSS. I don't really remember what happened (my body went into shock and i think i blacked out) but I do remember she wrote back saying, "I'm sorry you have so much free time on your hands. We'll talk about that when you get in on Tuesday. That, and other things." Or something along those lines. I was sweating BALLS you guys. I immediatelly IM'd Kirby and started freaking out. But you know what? Nothing happened. I told her that the website was a friend's and she had just given me an email address on there. I said, "I love my job! She created the website as a joke and I just look at it because she's my friend."


Which leads me to the email I got from my mom this morning which said, among other things, "Glennis, you should pitch your life to someone to be a sitcom." Don't I know it, Mom.

Oh and did you guys see Pat Kiernen on NY1 this morning? He's talking about "in the papers" and starts on this case where a subway flasher/pervert got off without any punishment. The headline on the paper was "Subway Jerk Off The Hook." He said, "I wonder if that was an intentional pun." And then paused while the rest of us got it.

And last but not least, American Idol. First of all, what the hell is Kellie still doing on this competition. Did you see her performance last night? That was TERRIBLE!!! She was out of key, off the beat of the music, no emotion... and I LOVE THAT SONG! (she sang "Bewitched." No, not the theme to Bewitched the TV show which goes, "Bewitched! Bewitched! Bewitched, bewitched, bewitched!" Or at least those are the lyrics I gave it when I was little) The old song that goes, "bewitched, bothered and bewildered, am I." I think Simon had it right when he said we could take out bewitched and bothered and just be bewildered.

Also, Chris was amazing last night!

But the best part was that I heard what they were singing and I said to my boyfriend, "I would definitely sing, 'Someone to Watch Over Me' cuz that's my favorite song of all time." And then what does Kat sing?? Oh it was lovely. Except she smiled too much. That's not THAT happy a song. Do they not listen to what they're singing??? Ah well, it was still great that she sang my song.

Phew! That was quite a post!

Not really Freedying anything at the moment. But I do love that Chemical Brothers song, "Galvanize." Pretty awesome!

Peace out, watersprout!

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Kirby's Job is not a joke said...

I surely miss the days of My job is a joke! We had some funny stuff up there!!