Thursday, April 20, 2006

You get a Time Out too!

Oh man, we are so naughty we keep getting time outs!


BOOYA! Hooolllaaaa!

But seriously you guys, the baby of me and Marcy Girt has been recognized for it's super coolness. And we couldn't be prouder mommies. It's like we're lezzielovers and we had Bruce Springstein plant his seed in our bellies.

Time Out NY loves Dance Dance Party Party

I'm not sure how this will change things but I do know that it's going to be great. The reason we wanted to do this started because we love dancing and music and hated clubs. But I think it's grown into something more. I hate to get cheesy but I'm gonna so get some crackers (omg, does my hilarity never end!?). I feel like DDPP is a place where ladies can be totally comfortable being COMPLETE dorks without feeling like someone is going to laugh at them or do that shitty eye-roll so many of us girls do. It's a place where we can look at ourselves in the mirror and move a little and realize, "hey, I look pretty good! oh, I like that move. I am a sexy beast!!" It's greatness. I can't say enough.

So let's do this. If you wanna come just go to our website and the details are there. And if you have already been and you love it, why not come leave a comment in our guestbook?

Have a great weekend!!!



Fountain said...

Glennis you need a guestbook that protects people's email address, other wise some people might not post messages.

Glennis said...

ah, good idea! I fixed it, I think. I just took out the email field so it's not even an option. Thanks, B!