Friday, April 21, 2006

Tears on My Pillow

Good god, Oprah. What are you trying to do to me! I turn you on this morning (because, yes, I tape your show daily), thinking I'm gonna watch some husband confess his dirty little secret to his wife. But oh no! First you show me a story of a little girl who went out to walk her dog and then got hit by a car and died. Sad, right. But then her parents come on Oprah and tell her that Hallie (the little girl) had a really giving heart and she had been saving her lunch money for over a year to donate to kids affected by AIDS. So the tears start to fall. I mean, come on you guys! A dead little girl! Saved $$! AIDS! Come on!

The parents of Hallie also give Oprah a check of their own money for $10,000 to go in the Angel Network. Oprah is in tears. She says she's going to Africa and is going to personally make sure the $ is put to good use. She goes to Africa, finds a shelter for girls who have been abused and raped and she Totally renovates it. I mean it went from a shack with leaking pipes and busted matresses to the cutest, nicest place you could imagine. So my tears have stopped and I'm like, "good cuz my trainer is coming in 45 minutes and I ain't doing no soggy workout."

Then she shows the new rooms to the girls in Africa. And it's so amazing how happy and thankful they are and they're all screaming and crying and I am sitting in my bed at 9:15 am SOBBING.

Jeez Louise, Oprah. Give a girl some warning, huh?

Imagine being those girls, feeling like the most unwanted souls on earth and this woman comes to give you a beautiful home and tells you you're beautiful and that you're worth everything there and that she, too, was raped many times as a girl and is now one of the most influential women in America.

Ok I have to stop. I think I'm getting sappy.


Liz said...

get some sleep you crazy insomniac! why are you posting at 6:15am?

Glennis said...

whoa, it does say 6:15 doesn't it? it was more like 9am. But I am still an insomniac! And Oprah does make me cry.