Saturday, April 15, 2006


You guys, omg thank you so much for such a fun and awesome birthday party! And for those who could not make it, well it's my fault for either wronging you by not sending an invite (in which case you should have totes just said something cuz you know i love you, silly) or having it on a day when you were out of town/busy.

But seriously birthdays are the best. I wish everyone felt that way. Some people hate celebrating birthdays. Like, come on you guys... it's a celebration of YOU!! And what's better than that?? Easter? Nope. Christmas? NO. NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS.

So did anyone watch NY1 this morning. If you did then you saw our favorite anchor Roger Clark filling in for Pat Keirnen! Is it weird that I'm this obsessed with the NY1 anchors? I think it might be actually. It's ok though. I'm sure Roger would be happy to know there are people out there who appreciate his reporting and his humor. Cuz the dude is fun-nee! Love it love it. And glad they found the cat in that wall.

I'm starting to really want to work out more lately. I think I mentioned before I got a personal trainer. He's so great and if nothing else it's motivating me to work out more. AND he showed me how to run properly so my knees don't hurt! So I went running today and it was awesome how good it felt. Listening to music, running along the west side highway/river. Just amazing. So I want to do this thing called "my running buddy" where I get together with anywhere from 1 - 100 girls (100... in my dreams!) and we sync up a playlist on our ipods and we run together. And if someone gets tired or has a cramp, we walk, but mostly we jog/run and we motivate each other. And Hammy had the great idea to wear matching sweat suits and run all over NY. Which I think is probably the best idea of all time. And then Robyn was all "let's get the Brooklyn ladies together and run then have a picnic!" I mean you guys, I have the funnest friends. I'm doing my first official buddy run on Saturday the 6th at 11am with Miss Lovely Pants Jen MacNeil. We're going to rock it out on the UES. If anyone wants to join, let me know!

And really, all this being motivated is motivation from Sponeill. She has been working out like a champ lately and looks AMAZING. It's so inspiring.

Oh also, I've been watching "The Surreal Life" and I absolutely love Alexis Arquette. What an awesome dude. Tawny on the other hand. Frickin NUTS. And Florence Henderson? ANNOYING AS HECK. (I'm trying not to curse as much anymore. I have a potty mouth sometimes.)

And now, let's check in on my teeth.



Seriously I did nothing to alter these pictures at all. Thanks Crest White Strips!

Enjoy the weather everyone!!

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