Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Could it BEEEEE?!?!


Ah hello all my lovelies! I love birthdays. If for no other reason than it gives me an excuse to eat a HUGE plate of french toast and bacon and feel not one smidge of guilt. Thank you birthday!!

Also, I came in late today. I mean, I usually do, but today I didn't CARE! Thanks birthday!

I got a bliss spa certificate from my boss so I can get another AWESOME facial (and maybe something else too!)! Thanks birthday!

I'm getting a makeover tomorrow at MAC cosmetics! Thanks birthday!

I am wearing a new birthday dress AND my favorite jacket AND my favorite shoes. Thanks birthday!

Man, don't you guys just LOVE birthdays?? I do. I especially love making a big deal out of mine. What can I say, it's my nature.

And now some depressing news. 4 people asked me yesterday if this was "THE BIG BIRTHDAY." FUCK! Liz thinks they meant my "super sweet 16." Phew!
UPDATE: ok seriously what the hell is going on. One of my bosses just gave me a gift and goes "welcome to the 30s!!!" WHAT IS GOING ON!?! Do I look 30??? I don't even know what 30 looks like. If one more person says I'm 30 I'm going to freak out. MORE. I'm 27 EVERYONE!!!

End freaking out.

See you tomorrow night!! Party night!!

Freedying: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
New Product my boyfriend Duane told me about: Olay Body Shower Lotion (or whatever it's called). The one in the yellow bottle with Shea butter. Smells awesome and really works!


Megan said...

happy birthday sweet glennis! why are you so pretty all the time?!

seriously: answer me. it's not a rhetorical question...let me in on your secrets.

and i too am freedying gnarls barkley.

Glennis said...

KITTEN'S BLOOD. That's my secret! Every time I see your profile picture I think you look about 12. ADORABLE.

And not 30. No, I do not think you are 30, Megan.

Also, I love that Freedying is catching on AND that you love Gnarls Barkley too!

spo said...

IT is time to PARTY!!
Happy Birthday Glennis!

Calories don't count on birthdays!


AnnieKNodes said...

YES! Birthdays are awesome! So are you!

xo, Anne