Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Glennis' Anatomy - Episode #1

Glennis' Anatomy
Episode One
Happy Birthday?

Exterior, Office Building, poppy piano music and mouth noises (theme song).

Cut to: Interior, Office Building

Close up on desk in a very very boring law firm. A container sits, unopened.

We cut to the lunch room where the office staff sit eating their lunch.

Inept Boss
(while eating)
So staff. What's on our agenda (AH-gen-doooo)??

Nice, vanilla, middle-america Co-Worker
I think it's Glennis' birthday today.

Mildly Retarded Boss
No kidding! (licks fingers and wipes them on his jacket) Well that's important! We should do something! How old is she, by the way?

Female Attorneys (3)
(in unison)
She is thirty.

Nice Co-worker
No, no I'm pretty sure she's 26 or 27.

VERY serious Female Attorneys
(in unison)
NO. SHE IS 30.

Donkey's Ass Boss
30 it is! Everyone wish her a happy 30th birthday!

Nice Co-worker
(under his breath)
Am I here?

Cut to:

Interior, cubicle in the life-draining law firm.

Glennis sits at her desk staring at her computer.

Cut to, cubile door, suddenly Bill and Barry, her kookie office mates, appear.

Bill & Barry
Hey Glennis! Happy birthday! We got you books!

Cut to: Glennis looking excited that someone remembered her birthday.

Thanks guys!

Bill & Barry
You're welcome. Welcome to the 30s!!

Aw man! I'm not...

Bill and Barry walk away before she can finish.

The End


Carebear said...

that could be the greatest thing I have ever seen. I am riveted. I can't wait to see what happens on next week's episode!!!

eliza said...


Lynn said...

Middle America? No way, Glennis, his hair is SPIKY! He is HIP!

He's pretty cute.

And I stand by my theory that they were welcoming you to the NINETEEN-thirties.