Saturday, November 04, 2006


This is Diane Farrell. She's the Democrat running for Congress in Connecticut (did I say that right?) Um... she's really great... and she's... a democrat.. and...

And I might help her win the election on Tuesday!

Because today, my friends, I went to Connecticut at 9:00 in the morning and canvassed a neighborhood of richie-richerson CT families to remind them to vote for Diane at Tuesday's election. Because this time it's really important!

And no, I have NO idea what I'm talking about. I'm the least informed these people have probably ever had. But honestly, they told me what to say and I knew it was important and that's what's important, right you guys? Well I think so.

I went door to door "knock knock knock Avon Calling!" style and honestly I don't think anyone actually LIVES in Connecticut because no one was home. It almost seemed like a nuclear bomb had gone off disentigrating all living things. Doors were wide open, car doors, garage doors, house doors... and no one was ever home. Granted, they could have seen me coming a mile away and so were hiding, but it still felt strange. And coming from New York where I won't leave my door unlocked to run downstairs and grab my delivery from Benny's Burritos, it felt even weirder. Mmmm... Benny's Burritos. I'm gonna order some right now. They have these amazing nachos with jalepenos... wait... I'm getting off track.

Connecticut... nuclear bomb... doors open... OH! Ok. So CT is really strange. It's very quiet and people work in their yards. We were in Stamford and there was a lake surrounding where we were so it was GORGEOUS but also SPOOKY. And what do people do there on the weekends? Go watch soccer? Kids playing soccer? Every weekend!? OMG you guys! I figured if I lived in a place like this (think Desperate Housewives) I'd be in really great shape. I'd have so much time on my hands that it'd be like, "hmmm...well I already folded the napkins so... I guess I'll work out again!" So that would be the up-side.

And here's the thing; I've been in suburban areas before. And maybe it's because I saw Stepford Wives but those other areas didn't bother me nearly as much. I've spent a lot of time in Jersey in different areas and they didn't feel this weird. It was... weird. When I sat down to take a break from going door to door I felt like people were looking out their window going, "who is that out there... SITTING! Is she sitting on the GROUND? Harold! Come look at this! That girl is wearing a puffy jacket and sitting on the GROUND! Something about this doesn't look right. Why isn't she watching soccer?? We better call the police JUST TO BE SAFE."

I really didn't get any good "I'm a Republican! Scram!" stories because all the houses were pre-screened and they knew these people wanted to vote for Diane. I call her Diane. We're tight. I did get one woman who was on my list (so... we assume she's voting Diane) who, when she saw the D-Farrell sticker on my coat said, "Oh god no, I won't vote for Diane" and closed the door. Ehn. You can't win them all, Diane.

My favorite part is that I got to write things along the way. There was a blank spot next to each person's information on my list so I started writing things like, "Not home. Left materials." at first but by the end I was writing, "Not home. They had a nice lawn" or "Home! Yay! Really cute kids." It just made it more exciting, yano? Also, we could leave a little door-hangy thing if they weren't there and the campaign people encouraged us to write personal notes to them. I wrote, "Karen and Paul, don't forget how important your vote is on Tuesday!" but wanted to write, "Karen and Paul, don't forget how important your vote is on Tuesday! Also, I really love what you've done with your living room! Is that Crate & Barrel?"

Anyway, I feel like I made a difference today even if I hide when people start talking politics. Ayeeee!

I really did a good thing today.

Yep. I made. a. difference.

It's important to me!

OK FINE. I was trying to impress a boy.

What!? You're judging me?? You're telling me if I cured CANCER to impress someone you'd be pissed?? PLEASE.

I'm just kidding. I'm not really mad at you :)

Ok that's all sillies! Now I must sleep for 100 hours.

I miss you.




Fred Glick said...

You go girl! Keep on knockin, Baby! We got to get rid of the scum. Republican lying, gay-closeted, religeous scamming, war mongering, money hungry, Republican scum. (Did I say Republican scum?)

Work election day too if you can and get everyone you know to do it too. Power in numbers, numbers in power.

Winslow Farrell (Diane's husband) said...

Many thanks for the hard work you did canvassing yesterday. You are making a difference and I wanted to let you know how much Di and I appreciate it. And your writing is great!

Liz said...

Coming from Massachusetts, I admire you for traveling to the mixed up state of CT. Any state that divides its allegiance between the Red Sox (yes!!) and the Yankees (no!!) needs a canvasser to help them get their minds made up. Democrats and Red Sox. Two great tastes that taste great together.

Anonymous said...

well...this is a pretty disappointing post. why not learn?

Not anonymous said...

It's extremely bad manners to tell someone their blog post is disappointing. It's a BLOG. It's HERS and she doesn't live to please you, buddy. It's even worse manners to tell someone that anonymously.
G, way to get the word out!

Kristina said...

Hats off to you, girl!

Win or lose, boy or no boy, the point is you did some thing rather than just talking about how great change would be.

The ex-politiko in me says "Brava!" for volunteering your time to the cause.

The Kristina in me says "Boo" to anonymous complainers of all stripes.


Glennis said...

Oh my :) Thank you everyone!

Anonymous said...

yeah whatever. you did something for all the wrong reasons. hats off. brava.

Liz said...

If Glennis was a Republican who went canvassing for a Democrat because of a boy then yes, you might have a point, anonymous. However, she did not compromise her beliefs to do what she did. Haven't you ever done anything for love? Or is your life's purpose solely to make others feel bad for being honest? Clearly it's the latter. And it's brav-O. Doy.

Anonymous said...

"The ex-politiko in me says 'Brava!' for volunteering your time to the cause."

What a moron. I was using someone else's word. Further, I did not assert that this girl compromised her beliefs, I assert that she didn't have any to begin wtih. And THAT is why she did this for all of the wrong reasons. Clearly..

Glennis said...

Ehn. I'm bored with this now. I'm awesome.

Dopey LaRue said...

fuck yeah. what a total douche. maybe you can nominate this asswad. Don't be a player hater, yo.