Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Friend Flickr

Ahhh... that title felt nice.

You guys, I'm totes obsessed with I was already obsessed with taking pictures of (me) events (me), friends (me), parties (me), etc... (ME) but I got annoyed that when you upload pictures to or they reduce the size of the image. Also, those dbags at keep sending me emails saying they're going to erase my account and all the photos if I don't place an order. WTF? Jerks.

So now I'm on flickr. And I'm OBSESSED.

I am organizing, titling, describing, tagging, sharing, favoriting all over the place! It's become so bad that even when I have work to do I'll instad go to flickr to tag more of my photos.

Speaking of photos, my camera's lcd screen just broke. It flickr'd out. I might ask for a new digital camera for Christmas. Any suggestions?


I'm feeling a little blue today. Only because it's almost a holiday and holidays really get me down. Always have. I feel all this stress and pressure and can't just enjoy them. And this is the first Thanksgiving I'm "alone" in a long time. Even if my ex never wanted to spend Christmas with me (until I pushed and pushed... and PUSHED) he at least was around for Thanksgiving. Not that I'm without a place to go! My lovely, beautiful little sister and her boyfriend (that she lives with... I'm such a loser) invited me to tag along to his parent's house in Long Island. So... yes, I'll have a place to go and amazing food (and wine, I bet) but it's not the same.

Wow, what's up with that? I just got so depressing! Please ignore me.

And have a great Turkey day, you gobblers.




Brendan said...

As far as cameras go, I'm a big fan of Canon cameras. Their digital elph cameras are tiny, have huge screens and take awesome pictures, and some even have image stabilization so you can take clearer pictures in low light. The A series are great and affordable too, with a little more creative control than the elphs although they are a little bulkier.

Glennis said...

Thanks Brendan! I'm filling out my amazon wishlist now. I'll let you know what I get!

ari said...


(also do the LIRR for thxgiving.)

Glennis said...

Wow! What if we're the same person, Ari? I mean... I know we've met but do you remember us looking that different?

Ma Barker said...

wish I could have been there for you......C