Friday, November 17, 2006

Office Romance

Dear NBC,

Hey! It's Glennis. How are you? I just wanted to stop by and say um, listen... can you please make it so Pam and Jim are a couple? Please?! I swear I will keep watching. No really, that's not the only thing that keeps me watching! I love the show. I really do! I mean Stan alone... he's just retardedly funny, that guy. And I love the merging of the offices! Know what I hate? That Pam and Jim aren't together. Please? Pretty please?


I love you guys. Keep on... keepin on?



Is this creepy? This is creepy, right? Yeah, I'm sorry. I don't know how not to make this creepy. I look at these pictures a lot. I imagine myself as Pam. I know I KNOW she's not a real person! I know that! But she's kind of like me. Unassumingly attractive. Right? I mean if you really fix me... I mean her... up we'd be pretty ok looking right?? It's not so crazy to think that someone like Jim would be in love with us?? IS IT!?! IS IT, NBC?!?! WELL FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU AND YOUR STUPID FACES!!! FUCK YOU IN YOUR STUPID FACES! I COULD TOO GET JIM! YOU... YOU... YOU ALL HAVE SMALL PENISES!!! GOD DAMN IT ALL!!!

Um. Thanks.

Watch this video and maybe consider casting me... in something.

It doesn't have to be The Office.


I'm gonna go now.


I'm taking my pictures with me.


erik tanouye said...

But I like Karen!

Glennis said...

OMG Tanouye, I don't think we can be BFFs anymore.


Lynn said...

Karen should be likeable, enough to cause us worry for the future of Jam.
But ultimately, she's disposable.
Karim just doesn't sound as good as Jam.

And that's not subtly racist.

Glennis said...

I love Jam so much. That is the best celebrity squashed up name ever, Lynn.

What about Jaren though? That's kind of catchy too. What if the people like JAREN!!?

stan said...

team karen 4 life, suckah

Glennis said...

After having had a long discussion with Stan about this and about the douchiness of Pam for not being with Jim even though she's CLEARLY in love with him (what's that all about??) I think I'm off both teams. It feels wrong to like Karen now! Yes, I want Jim to be happy. Of course I do. But liking Karen is like having drinks with your friend's ex's new woman. And THAT my friends is something I'd never do.

Longest comment ever. On my own blog.