Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting and Vomiting

My dreams are getting worse you guys. I'm not sleeping at all. It's so bad that I woke up today, after having probably about a glass and a half of wine last night with Sue, feeling SO hung over I almost didn't come to work. I still voted (screw you, fake hangover) but took a $10 cab to work cuz I was afraid I'd barf on the train. I didn't want a repeat of June '05 when I threw up in a trash can (in my work clothes!) on 7th Ave after drinking all night for Marcy's birthday.

I just want to say one thing before I continue...

To the anonymous person who left that sweet comment on my post about canvassing... "Why not learn?" Hey, if I wanted to learn I'd go talk to your mama! Zzzzing! (She's a teacher, right?)

But seriously dude. Commenting anonymously (specifically when you know you're going to make the person who already has a low self esteem about their intelligence and ability to retain information feel stupid... like seriously dude my mind is the exact opposite of a sponge. It's a... metal ball? Is that the...anyway...) is DOUCHEY. And seriously.... this is a COMEDY BLOG (I use the term loosely) so...


Now where was I?

Oh right, vomiting.

No, I think that's all I had to say about vomiting.

What else. Oh did you guys vote today? I voted, as I said, and it was really fun and the line was short and the old ladies behind the tables were nice. Oh except one made a joke that I get all the time except I don't ever get it. She looks at my name and says, "You're not Irish are you?" meaning, "Wow. Glennis McMurray is a really Irish name. I'm being sarcastic." But I never get that. I'm always like, "Oh... well I'm not from Ireland but my ancestors... oh... I get it." Someone once said to me, "That's a nice Italian name" and I sat there and said, "oh no I'm actually Irish." Why don't I ever get these jokes? Because, people, I am retarded. Have we not figured that out yet?

I can't even continue with this post. I'm too hung over.

Have a great day voting. Not vomiting!



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