Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hey there... what's going on?

Why are you reading my blog? It's Thanksgiving. Are you tried of your family already? I get it, guys. My sister...boy what an asshole. (i can say this because her wakeup text to me was "Happy Thanksgiving, asshole!"

Well... since you're here, avoiding your Uncle Harry, let's talk.

I had an amazing night of sleep. I'm feeling very rested! Amazing yes? I'm on the LIRR and we got primo seats facing each other. I'm just jammin out to my boyfriend JT's CD. Justified...rockin it old school on TDay.

I bought a bunch of wine because one should never ever show up empty handed to someone's house. Why, Brandon even brought flowers when I had a party. He knows the rules I tell ya.

Well, this typing while riding is making the sauseggchz turn in my tummy so I better run.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and remember everything you're thankful for. You know... aside from my blog.



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