Friday, November 03, 2006

The Room That Holds My Bed

I'm sitting on my new couch (yes, you heard me right! new couch!!) in my bedroom and it's clutters-ville as usual. I easily get overwhelmed by things, like cleaning my room, planning a party, putting together an outfit, eating food, basic everyday occurrences. Which is why I always wished I was Samantha Stevens or Jeannie. One little nose twitch or head bop and *snap!* the job's done. But would I use these powers to help the world? No... the first thing I'd do, and this holds true for little-kid Glennis too, is make my room AWESOME.


I'd change it up every day but here's where I'd start.

Week one:

Day 1 - Room made out of pillows. Get rid of all my stuff (temporarily...I'm a genie so I can bring it back later) and just have the most fluffy, comfortable pillow covered everything. NO WAIT. Clouds. Not real clouds but what you imagine clouds would feel like to sleep on. Yes. Day one is cloud-room day.

Day 2 - Slide room. Because I think slides might be the funnest thing ever (and roller coasters are WAY too scary) I'd have a room full of slides. There'd be a slide to the kitchen (where I could grab the fridge door as I pass and take out a snack like a cake or pancakes) a slide going outside, a slide to the bathroom (or a slide with a hole in it so I can GO TO THE BATHROOM WHILE I SLIDE! That's kind of gross. How about I just don't ever have to go to the bathroom since I'm a genie? Ok that's perfect), and there would be REVERSE slides so people downstairs could come up on a slide! Slide room. Day two. Check.

Day 3 - Everything is made out of food room. This sounds gross because who wants to eat what they sit on, but it would totes be cool. You could change channels with your remote and then take a big bite out of it. And it would taste like sausages. And my bed would taste like tirimisu and the snozzberries like snozzberries! Yes, the walls would have different flavors. So I basically want to live in the Willie Wanka room. Hey, that's cool. I didn't say these rooms had to be original did I?

Day 4 - PUPPY ROOM. Puppies! Everywhere!

Day 5 - Workout room. This room would be amazing. You'd only have to do 5 reps on each machine and *zingy!* your muscles would be perfectly sculpted! Wow, right? That's why we only need this room for one day.

Day 6 - Italy room. This would be straight out of Italy. It would have that orange hue and light streaming through. It would smell like oranges and wheat. The water would be the best water I've ever tasted and the room would be the perfect temperature. I don't know if this is what Italy is like but I bet it is.

Day 7 - DJ ROOM. This would be a huge party room where I can invite my friends over and play music SO LOUD (no one outside could hear it) and we'd dance forever and ever and drinks would be free. Seriously, best room ever right?

Long Sigh. Sometimes daydreams suck because then you look up and your room looks like a tornado hit it again.

Have a great day you guys!



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Michelle said...

Cute picture, Glennis!