Friday, January 12, 2007

Suckstown, Population: Me

You know what was great, you guys? When my phone started acting up and I called Verizon and they said they'd send me a new phone. Yay!


That my phone literally keeps restarting (it's a Treo 650) over and over so I can't get my information off there (phone #s, etc) and it never properly synched up with my computer (I know, I know...I am stupid for not figuring that shit out) so it's not backed up and my new phone from Verizon STILL hasn't shown up (1-3 business days... I called Tuesday) and I might be without a phone all weekend.

I'm going to figure something out but I wanted to complain. So there, I've sufficiently complained.

Now have a great weekend ok?

Oh, and if you're trying to call me FORGET IT. Unless, you know... you leave a message. Oh but leave your #, ok?

I wish I had an iphone. Sigh.



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Clay said...

I had a similar problem with my 650. The only way to resolve it was to immediately turn the "phone" part of the Treo off after it rebooted, synch the thing to back up all the data, then do what's called a "radio reset" where you actually run this app that leaves the phone on until it completely discharges the battery. Then your let it recharge, reinstall everything, and it works again.

It sucks to do, but it works.