Wednesday, January 17, 2007


First, I totes made those Obama t-shirts. You can buy one here.

Second, I went on a voice over audition today for TGIF's and the "specs" for how it was to be read were RIDICULOUS. So I'm going to post them here for you lovelies.

We are looking for voices ages 25 through 40. This is not an announcer read, this person needs to carry the personality of (The Restaurant) throughout the spot. That means contemporary and not cheesy.

The deliver should have a good quick tempo but not frantic. Almost a stream of consciousness in the favor of someone ordering from the menu. If you could start with the pacing of a Dennis Leary Lead, take out the angst and replace it with general coolness, that would be in the neighborhood. Don't Project to much, it's more of an externalization of thoughts, describing situations and food we could all aspire to experience.

Speak like a friend talking in a no-nonsense, honest way. NOT announcery, NOT selly. Be cool without trying to be cool. Do not put on a fake "dude" accent or try to be slick. This person needs to really believe, and believe In, what they're saying but without going over the top with the performance.

(You guys still with me here? Just a little bit more.)

Needs to have substance in voice.

Women: No breathy lifetime channel voices, and no bubbly high pitch

Guys: No sardonic, nasaly, no Don La Fontaine Dramatic guys. No high energy tonight on WB voices

In a world... where people take things too seriously.

I mean seriously. We remember this is for TGIF's right?

Right, this TGIFridays:


Have a great night, y'all. But not too great. Just in the general neighborhood of great.



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