Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saggy Butt

There are few things running through my mind right now. First of which is the dream I had last night (over and over, as usual) in which I was in History class and our teacher popped a quiz on us. The quiz had something like 10 questions and in my dream, while filling them out, I remember thinking "I've got this. I'm doing so well." Then the teacher collects them and says that we're going to go up to the front of the room and write down what we got on our test. One at a time. I knew I'd gotten an "F" at that point. I sat in my desk dreading my name being called and when it finally was I moped up to the front of the room and wrote a huge "F" on the board. Then I tried to make a joke out of it. "An F! Haha! Who cares!" and turned around to faces of people judging me in sad disappointment. "How could you get an F, Glennis? You poor, pathetic thing."

Judgment, judgment, judgment. Something that's plagued me my entire life. I think I eventually started seeking judgment out (hanging out/dating people prone to it) like an abuse victim seeks out men who treat them like shit. Break the cycle! Or just stop caring as much. Obviously the latter is harder to do.

Another thing on my mind is how great Dance Dance Party Party was this past Sunday. Marcy and I walked into the room to find just 3 people and thought it would be another small group. At 4:02 about 10 ladies came prancing through the door to the delight and squeals of, well, me. 4 of the girls were here from Germany and one was doing a video blog on her trip here. She offered to take video of us dancing to post on the blog and for me to post on our website. Here's the video I like to call, "Glennis dances around in her saggy-buns workout pants."


And the last thing on my mind is inspired by something I read in Time Out NY a few months ago. Maybe it wasn't even a few months... maybe it was weeks. Either way there was an article about people doing something for an entire month that they wouldn't normally do. So I've decided to do this in February. I'm not quite sure yet what the guidelines for my "month of something" is yet, but I'll let you know. I'm pretty sure it will be a month of kindness. Kindness to myself meaning less eating out, more working out and reduced going out. WE'LL SEE.

Um and can someone please ask the guy in my office to stop walking past my cubicle and mumbling "one more week, Glennis" (pertaining to the return of Lost) and "are you famous yet?" (pertaining to my career which is lost).


Have a great day!!



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