Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cold Tits

Good Morning!!

Hope you guys are doing well out there in the world!

A few things today. First, check out this website for my friend Kristian. Not only does he know a shit load about music, but he posts MP3s of rare tracks from some great bands that you can download for free. What's better than that? Go to www.thepunkguy.com. He writes to "you" just like I do. Cute!


Seriously, how are you guys? It's winter here in New York which means my tits are freezing every time I step outside. Maybe I should get thicker bras? Wool?

I'm broke. Totes broke. I spend money like it's tequila and I'm a thirsty frat boy. I need to work on that. Big times. I talked to my therapist about my terrible spending habits and she had a good point. If I'm not in debt and what I'm spending my money on makes me happy then what's the problem? And I, of course, say, "well everyone else..." and then stop right there. Who cares what everyone else is doing, right?

I have decided, however, that I'd like to take my sweet behind on a fancy vacation. I went to Puerto Rico and yeah I guess that was nice but I really want to go somewhere amazing. Like Italy. I can just imagine what Italy would be like in my head (it mostly includes sexy men ravaging me the minute I step off the plane) and I think it would be perfect.

I was going to go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy for my honeymoon. There's a little piece of Glennis Trivia for you guys. The pictures are amazing.

Amazing, right?


So let's see here, what else.

I don't want to jinx myself but I'm kind of sort of getting a roll going on my gym visits. I've decided that the gym is my new boyfriend. It's so hard being with someone almost every day (or at least speaking to them every day whenever you want) and then all at once it's cut off. Cold Turkey, right John Lennon? It's hard! Must be like smoking. Just OOOOONE more phone call! Last one! I swear! God I stink of phone calls to my ex. But anyway, so I've decided that my new boyfriend is Mr. NYSC. I kinda sort wish it was Mr. Crunch because I liked that atmosphere better, but Liz is a fan of Mr. NYSC and her approval means a lot to me. She hangs out with me and my new boyfriend all the time. Tonight we're both gonna get hot and sweaty with him at 41st and 3rd. Rrrreow.

Speaking of Liz, I had a bday party for her at my house on Friday. Amazing times. We made a martini that knocked my boots off. Ginger Martinis. We (Liz) made ginger syrup which consisted of 3 cups water with 1 1/2 cups of sugar brought to a boil with some sliced ginger. Then you strain the ginger pieces out and let it cool. Put 4 parts vodka to 1 part syrup, shake it up, pour it in a glass and then add ginger ale. It's so GOOD. And it did the job!

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

I'm drunk!

Also, I made another recipe from Ms. Amy Sedaris' book... a cheese ball!

I'm a real, live cooker woman!

It was kind of the best thing I've ever tasted. But then again when you roll cheese and butter up into a ball your bound to have greatness. Or a coronary.

Also, I saw Casino Royal this weekend. Holy hotness. Hello, Daniel Craig.

And jesus H... that movie was long. But so good! Go see it! The opening chase is worth it alone. Wow!

So, I guess that's about it for me. I'm starting to worry that you guys will begin to plan an intervention on my behalf because all I ever post are drunk-ass pictures of me or talk about drinking. Go ahead. Stage one. It'll show me how much you care. (and then we can all go get pitchers after)

That reminds me of one last thing. Pitchers make me think of Kate and how we used to always get pitchers of beer at McManus on 19th. Whenever I'm out with her and we're eating and drinking at a pub I ask for a menu, look it over, order the turkey club with fries and then Kate says, "why do you even ask for a menu?" It makes me giggle.

All right lovers. Get your asses to the gym so we can all be fit and healthy when Summer rolls around again. Cuz it will. It always does.



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