Thursday, December 07, 2006

Me Singing!

Hey lovelies! I hope you guys are having a nice end/start to your day. I'm CRASHING.


I just wanted to plug a little show I'm doing this Friday night. It's super fun! Here's the info!

WHEN: Friday 12/8 at 10pm

WHERE: Gotham City Improv, 48 West 21st Street, 8th Floor

HOW MUCH: Tickets: $5

WHO'S IN THIS THING? Tara Copeland, Daniel Glover, Glennis McMurray, John O'Donnell, & Eliza Skinner. Musical director/accompanist: Frank Spitznagel

John O'Donnell says: "Please note that Gotham City Improv is NOT Gotham Comedy Club. Don't confuse the two!"

John's a cutie.

See you there!



1 comment:

Liz said...

I cant believe you're in a show with Danny Glover. You've made it.