Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What I Like

And now it's time for a list of things Glennis likes.

1. The show Intervention
Guys, I don't know if you've yet to see this show but it's amazing. They start the show by saying, "This is Glennis. She agreed to be in a documentary about addiction. She doesn't know she will soon face an intervention." My intervention would be about food, naturally. Not that I eat too much, necessarily (although I can pack it away) but that I think about it too much. In the way that when I'm sitting down to eat a meal I'll be all, "Hey guys know what I love? Macaroni & Cheese with hot dogs cut up in it. Right? Mmmmm... this is good pizza. What should I eat for dinner later tonight? Sushi, right? Guys?" Intervention is like that except these people are fuuuucked up. Watch it if you enjoy seeing people at their worst and the family being destroyed by them. I know I do! It's on A&E Sundays at 10.

2. The movie Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny
Both Eliza and I agreed after seeing this movie that whoever did the marketing for it should have been SHOT. The movie is great and hilarious and SO much better than I thought it would be. Seriously. I laughed so hard. Also, we got this huge combo with medium drinks and a TUB of popcorn and I thought the popcorn was stale so Eliza goes, "throw it away! they said, 'free refills'!" So I threw it out, took my empty bucket up to the counter and said, "I finished my popcorn. Can I have more?" The dude looked at me and goes, "here you go, sweetheart" like he was saying, "aww... feed that sadness." We ate like an inch of popcorn and the rest went to waste.

3. Ray Lamontagne
He's this singer my friend Lauren introduced me to. He sings these songs that evoke such strong emotions in me. I listened to the song "Empty" a lot when going through my break up. You know... cuz sometimes you just need to listen to sad songs and cry (while eating cheese-covered foods). Anyway, I went to his concert at The Beacon the other night with Marcy. First of all, why does he have the douchiest fans ever? Like I seriously had "Two A-holes at a Concert" sitting in front of me. You can't sit still for two seconds? Oh no? You have to lean over and whisper something to your girlfriend again? Oh ok... but that's the last time, right? No? You're gonna do it throughout the ENTIRE CONCERT? Ok. But that's it right? No? You're going to get up one at a time to smoke pot in the bathroom? And you're going to check your cell phone every two seconds? And when I tell you to "shhh" you're going to say something like "EVERYTHING OK BACK THERE" instead of being polite and SHUTTING THE FUCK UP!?! Awesome. Throughout the concert people would randomly yell, "Crazy!" at Ray because he recorded a cover of Gnarles Barkley's song. Seriously like every break he had. And here's the thing about seeing him live. He seriously POURS HIS HEART out with each song. And he's so meek and timid and doesn't talk between songs and I love him so much. So finally toward the end of the show he goes, "I wish you guys would stop asking me for that song. I didn't write it." And boy did I ever call that because 10 minutes earlier I said to Marcy, "I bet he HATES that they're asking for that song. Jerks." So Ray, I know you won't read this, but I want you to know that on behalf of New York, I'm sorry we're such douchebags. I enjoyed your concert so much. (You can check his stuff out at www.raylamontagne.com.)

4. Christmas
Oh no... wait. I HATE CHRISTMAS. Bet you didn't see that coming!! I just told my sister that I was going to convert to Jehovah's Witness so I don't have to celebrate anymore (except I'd still totes get blood transfusions). Christmas is just too stressful. Maybe I'll love it when I have kids. I SAID MAYBE.

5. Bliss Facials
I just got a gift certificate from my boss! Yay! I love Christmas!

6. Sparkle Tanks from Old Navy
Check them out! $8.00?? Come on. You can't get anything for $8 these days! I have to say, though, that I bought one in the store and it was more expensive. But I'm wearing it today and it looks HOT.

7. My roommate Jeff
Seriously. Such a great roommate. I'm the kind of person that will be like, "Ug. This is annoying. This problem right here. It's annoying. Oh well." But not Jeff! He goes, "what can we do to fix this problem!?" He installed a new shower head and I think that's about all he needed to do to be in my good graces forever.

8. My Office Holiday Party

9. My New Coat from H&M
It's really nice.

10. You

Have a great day.



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stan said...

You don't look nearly as drunk as previously advertised in that picture.