Saturday, December 30, 2006

Da dada dada da da

That title is that annoying (i love it) theme song for Six Flags. You know, the one with the old "guy" dancing around in glasses?

I actually love that song. I know. You can stop talking to me any time. There is no accounting for my music tastes. I say I hate Fergie but when I'm driving in the car with my sis and it comes on I'll so dance to that shit. Why? Cuz she loves it. And I love her.

Right... so anyway.

You know how some people say "my life is a roller coaster right now!" Well I fucking relate, people! The reason "they" call it a roller coaster is because you can not STOP that shit. Seriously. Have you guys tried to stop a roller coaster? Were you successful? Stop lying! Stop it right now!

It's like this...

Wee! Happy times! Yay! Oh this is so much fun!! Whoa... what's happening. No, I don't like this part. Not one bit... I feel something coming on. I'm gonna try to stop it. Oh no! My attempts are futile! Why! What's going on! Oh NO I'M FUCKING SAD!!! WHAT?!?!

See? And you thought you were jealous of me. Ha! Ha!

Today I sat down, drank some coffee, put on my ipod on my fancy bose sound dock and this song by an artist my ex-step-dad gave me, Ohio, came on and... BUCKLE UP! I should write a song called tears in my coffee.

Maybe I need some medication. Oh wait I have it. IT'S CALLED VODKA! HA. (seriously, stage an intervention NOW. But wait... can you guys call that A&E show Intervention and get me on there? I promise I'll be the most entertaining drunk they've seen. I'll scream out, "I COULDA BEEEEEN SOMTHING! I COULDA BEEN HUGE!!" a lot. Sweet.)

Or maybe it's normal? Yeah it's normal to be sad. I know. I didn't say I was gonna like it. But I know it's something I have to get through.

Anyway, this is all way to personal for the general public. But maybe I'm like Oprah and someone will read this and be like "mmm. ok sister i'm right there. let it out! let! it! out!"

Oh jesus I'm retarded.

Bye. This needs to end now.

Have a great day!



PS-If you need a good sad album, listen to Ohio's album called "Over The Rhine."


justin said...

make it happen, G-Unit!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.- you are sad.