Friday, December 08, 2006

Small Town, Girl

Hey guys!

I'll be heading to North Carolina tomorrow!

Eliza and I are going out there to do a show (I Eat Pandas, natch) at the Comedyworx Theatre. If you have friends out there let them know we're coming! I was just having coffee with my friend who, when I told him about this, he picked up the phone and called his friend who lives out there and told him to come to our show. How nice is that? Don't you guys want to be nice, too?

I really love traveling. And traveling to perform is even better. And being paid to do it?? Can't be that with a stick! Eliza used to travel a lot with CCL but she still loves it. Every time we go somewhere we immediately scope out the nearest mall and spend hours buying t-shirts from Delia's (Sorry, Jen!) we don't need.

My favorite part of traveling to different cities (aside from eating at diners for every meal) is how appreciative the audiences are. New York audiences are great but there's nothing like a smaller town to boost the old ego. ComedyWorx has already been so amazing. They even created a music video to promote our show! (You can see it here.)

I realize Raleigh isn't a "small town" but I'm really excited to go there and get that "small town" audience vibe from them.

It's about 7 degrees inside my room so I think I'll go to the gym and get hot and sweaty. That should make things better. Does sweat freeze faster than water?

Have a great weekend, you guys!



Yay! We're going to Raleigh!


Megan said...

So excited to see you perform tomorrow!! (Sorry if this comment gets posted 100 times, Blogger is obviously very excited too)

'Chelly G said...

Good luck on the weekend, Glennis! I hope your Raleigh show goes well. I'll be back to NYC in a week, hope to see you!

Paul said...

FYI sweat freezes slower than water because of the salt in it.
I don't know you but I look forward to your visit to my home town of Raleigh. Have a safe trip. Unless you're here already. Have a safe trip back either way.