Thursday, December 14, 2006

Super Duper

I heard this morning on NY1 that Peter Boyle died (from multiple myeloma and heart disease) on Tuesday and I got so sad. I remember being little and watching Young Frankenstein and immitating his Puttin' on the Ritz scene ad nauseam. It was the funniest thing my young mind had ever seen and since then I've totally been in love with Peter Boyle. I even watched Everybody Loves Raymond. Yeah. I loved him that much.

(Ok, ELR isn't THAT bad. It's just a little annoying what with the nagging and the whining and the bickering and such. Laaady.)

Peter had a career that spanned 42 years and was in another of my favorite movies "Johnny Dangerously."

I think it's especially sad for me because my dad was the one who had me watch Young Frankenstein.

Sad, sad times. He will be missed.

More later.



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