Tuesday, December 12, 2006


First, come see my show tonight! I'm hosting that shit with Kate T-to-the-ellers and I'll be wearing a bridesmaid dress and we'll be dancing and acting retarded. Best show description ever! (Oh and the show's at 8pm. I left that off the postcard.)

There will be hilarious stories told by:

Katina Corrao!
John Flynn!
Margot Leitman!
Giulia Rozzi!
Matt Stinton!
(and of course me and the lovely Kate)

You should come!

This picture was taken at the end of the night of my friend Betsy and Ari's wedding. Kate and I got high with the groom and, I think, his mom. Then I had a giggle attack in the lobby and this happened:


Listen dudes. There's nothing at all wrong with pot smoking at a wedding. It's not like I brought that shit.

Moving on...

Eliza and I took I Eat Pandas to Raleigh this past weekend. The lovely people from ComedyWorx saw our Del Close show (standing O, bitches!) and asked us to come out to Raleigh. It's kind of my favorite thing ever; being brought out to do shows in different areas of the country. Wish it was my only job sometimes.

The people of NC were GREAT to us. Sweet Richard who drove us around, the guys and gals who took our workshop, the dudes who put on a great ComedyWorx show before ours. I also got to meet sweet Megan who reads my blog! I asked her to come out for drinks with us after the show... surprise she's only 18! Way to go, Glennis. First you put on a dirty show for her & her folks, then you try to corrupt her with the booze. Don't do it, Megan. Stay clean! Don't end up like me!!

I have to say our show was "good" but when we've had "GREAT" shows it always feels a little "ehn." I was SO tired and Eliza had a sore throat. I think that's pretty much the same thing. It's like knowing you can do something but you're not able to. So frustrating! But all the same it was a great show. My favorite of our 3 musicals (all based on the suggestion "Deliverance") was our last in which (because we were both SO EXHAUSTED) we played two city-folk sitting in a truck driving in the country. We're just talking and all the sudden Travis plays spooky music and I go, "Oh shit! There's a man in the back of our truck!" and Eliza says, "What's he doing!?" and I say, "He's just standing there!" which of course made us giggle because she thought he was standing INSIDE the truck and then we turned him into a 3 foot tall man who was really a baby doll who she carried around with her to help ease the pain of having accidentally killed her kids. We look so innocent and yet we get SO FREAKIN DARK. I kinda love that.

Anyway, you had to be there. That was a terrible description of the show. It really was a pretty ok show, if I do say so myself.

We stayed at the Days Inn and I have to say, not my favorite place I've ever stayed. The entire building smelled like the inside of a cigarette. And, now listen... I've stayed in hotels before. Never once have I had someone not accommodate me with a late checkout time. When I called Sunday morning to see if we could check out at 1:00 the man behind the counter said, "Oh no! No! Sunday! Very busy! Veeeery busy!" Ok dude, chill out. So we were out by 11:30 (he gave us a 1/2 hour). We walk out to the front desk to check out and I swear to you guys this was the parking lot.

I no get it.

So that was Raleigh. Really a great time! I took 4 pictures. Here's one of them.

Last night I went to the Ars Nova holiday prom/show/drunkfest. It was open bar. Do I need to say more?

Eliza and I took a prom photo together. It's not online yet but when it is I'll share that shit. You know how I roll.

I had a breakthrough in therapy. I'm not gonna broadcast that shit on here cuz that's NOT how I roll (who am I kidding... I'm just too tired to type any more) but let me just say it was great and terrible all at once. I was SOBBING. Wow. So, if I haven't said it enough GET IN THERAPY. NOW. And stay in it for at least a year. Or maybe not. Maybe that's just me.

Also, just in case you think I was kidding about the dude with poop-hand... let me assure you I wasn't. Most terrible/awesome/hilarious thing ever.

Ok I have to go. I'm about to vomit.

I hope you guys can make it to my show tonight!




Megan said...

My folks loved your show! My dad has been asking me for three days now to buy him an I Eat Pandas shirt for Christmas, which I'm sure is totally your target market, 60 year old men.

Glennis said...

Awww... yer dad's the cutest! Don't dissapoint him!

jeffreymarxthespot said...

I love breakthroughs.

I hate poop hands.