Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shmappy Shmalloween!

Good morning! Ahem... Afternoon. !

Let's Rock It!

This weekend was probably far too much on the "party" end of the spectrum (which is why I'm sitting here sniffling with yet another cold) but damn was it ever worth it.

Friday night was the Halloween party and for weeks I'd been all, "I'm gonna be Mary Tyler Moore, you guys" and then I was all, "I'm gonna be a Golden Girl, y'allz" and then I was all, "You guys, I'm gonna be Suze Orman" but you know what? Those costumes suck. (Except the first two, those I will eventually be at some point in my life providing I can get Liz to dress up as Rhoda or Blanche (cuz I would totes be Rose).


I decided to go a little bit old school and dressed up as a little kid dressed up as a superhero. Which was really a fruitless effort since everyone just called me super girl. Here's some pics from the night, you glesbians.

Secretly, I was a retarded little kid dressed as a superhero but I left my pan (for my head, y'all) at home. This is Carrie. She's a devil in a blue dress. Also... adorable.

This is Marla. She was a woman with her hand attached to her face!

Believe it or not, that all took place before even arriving at the party! "The Party" was a 5-bedroom loft inhabitted by college boys. We knew they were in fact college boys when we saw the refreshments... some sort of "punch" consisting of liquor, beer, kool-aide and...? All encased in a lovely igloo cooler.

Ahhh, college.

While at the party I saw all sorts of sillies.

Hey look! It's Margot and Alison!

A superhero, A trekkie and A fairytale. Do you need a jiz towel, boys?

Thing 2 and Thing 1!

A Jewish Pirate!


This was my favorite... this guy was dressed as a Nintendo game controller and was hitting on a Box of Wine (you can't see her costume here)! It was true love as soon as their boxes touched. In fact, I was so obsessed with it I kept "posing" to get more pictures of them talking.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

We Want Some Box Babies!

Alas, no kiss was captured by my camera. Ah well.

They had a costume contest at the party and Ralphie came in first place.

Although we all thought Johnnie should have won.

Seriously, his costume was so creepily good.

Someone randomly had a Superman mask for me. I was complete.

And then I got really, really drunk.

So, as you can see, class... this is the way to spend your Halloween. This was the best Halloweener I've had in a long time.

Tomorrow I recount my Saturday night spent at the Roxy or "How I met every gay in Manhattan in one, sweaty room!"


One more thing...

The woman who job-shares with me has taped another fortune (from a cookie) on our filing cabinet. The first one, as you'll remember, said, "You are never bitter, deceptive or petty :)" (yes... there was a smiley face and NO... that is not a fortune). This new one says, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." My question is... did she really find these things so profound she had to tape them up for her eyes to gaze upon daily? Or has she only eaten Chinese food twice at work?

Those are silly fortunes. Maybe she loves them, though. Now I feel bad.



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