Sunday, October 01, 2006

And I'm Feelin...

Once again I think I'm on the wrong track. Ignoring myself, paying too much attention to getting attention. I realized the other day when I auditioned for a short film that it was the first time i'd been on a non-commercial audition in AGES. Not good. I've let myself go too. Gained back the 5 lbs I lost when I was running.

So at least I'm recognizing this and I know I can get back on track.

Also, I really do want to grow my hair out. I'm taking Silica... anyone tried it? A friend recommended it to me and said it made her hair grow super fast. She's got Gorg hair, btw. So we'll see! I think its the same stuff Jen Aniston was reported to have used when she had that super-long hair.

Oh and if you're in NY or near an H&M they have some super cute dresses right now. Very 60s. I didn't buy any but i'm thinkin I might go back and get one. This is all very exciting, I realize.

Of to Dance Dance and Party Party. Let's hope people show up today!!

Have a great Sunday, lovelies.



PS - Friday night I'm doing "The Breakup Show" at 10 at The PIT (Thanks, E). I'll be telling a very naughty story about a wedding I recently attended. See you there.

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eliza said...

The Breakup Show is at The PIT!
I hope you having a great dance dance time time.